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Can Babies See Ghosts?

Can babies see ghosts? Every parent has asked themselves this question because the notion of super sight is worth discussing. Children are born without rules and are open to everything this world has to offer us. It’s only after we’ve told them that things aren’t real that they begin to start shutting down possibilities.

can babies see ghosts

Imaginary friends, spirits, lucid dreams – oh my! When you are young, you are willing to tap into everything that naturally comes to you without question. But as we age, society tells us that things are taboo, against specific religious beliefs, or BAD, and then … POOF! Our minds immediately close off sections that were once so open to exploration.

Can babies see ghosts? Yes, babies and toddlers have the ability to see ghosts because they still have not been told to shut down to the possibility that those things do not exist. They also have a much greater sense of awareness than adults do at such an early stage of life, which gives them peak intuition.

Understanding Early Intuition

If you ask a scientist if babies are capable of seeing ghosts, most will probably think you are joking since scholarly communities typically don’t sit around talking about Casper. However, it’s hard to dismiss countless babies and toddlers having odd interactions with – what seems like – the supernatural.

All people are born with early intuition. We are gifted with the ability to see and feel everything. Our senses are completely heightened at birth as we attempt to take in everything that the world has to offer. Young children are like little sponges, willing to absorb it ALL, and incapable of discerning between what should have their attention and what shouldn’t have.

As we age, we are taught that ghosts aren’t real. Over and over again, adults that we trust tell us that our fears are unwarranted and that we shouldn’t put our energy towards those thoughts. Eventually, after hearing that rule on repeat you stop looking for those things naturally. You forget. They stop existing to you.

But for babies, they haven’t been told society’s rules yet. That world hasn’t been drilled out of their minds, which means that everything is fair game.

why do babies stare in corners

Why Do Babies Stare Into Corners?

There will be many moments in your life where you will catch your child just staring at the ceiling or into corners. Please realize that not everything happening during these formative years will relate to the supernatural. In those moments, it’s not that they’ve caught wind of a supernatural creature. This is just a normal part of their visual development.

As their eyes begin to advance, your child will naturally start to attract towards changes in light, movement, or contrast. So, a corner might be filled with shadows – which would be interesting for new eyes. Similarly, a spinning ceiling fan is probably the only thing moving in the room.

What Should I Do If My Baby Sees a Ghost?

The most important thing is not to get overwhelmed by the thought of your baby seeing a ghost. Understanding that young children are more in tune with the supernatural will help with the process. As adults, we tend to “shut off” the NOTION that these realms even exist. As children, they haven’t learned what not to believe.

Keep your energy calm and your mood positive. You don’t want to make the experience a negative one because should your baby / toddler happen across another spirit alone, it will become a terrifying experience if you react in that manner.

Talk them through the process. Ask them questions about what they see and feel. Try to figure out if the spirit they are connecting with is someone you know. Odds are it is. Could it be a loved relative coming for a visit? What a blessing!

When I was a young mom, my daughter was jumping up and down in her room and playing with a friend. She was having the best time. I walked in and asked her what she was doing and my little girl told me she was playing with Rose.

Rose was my grandmother’s name who just had passed away the year before. I instantly started to cry. My little girl never knew her real name. She had dementia and had no clue who any of us were by the time she was born. So, they really never got to know one another. But in that moment, my daughter and grandmother were finally playing. I watched for just one more moment and left with my heart filled with joy.

I didn’t know how much longer my daughter would be able to see Rose, and so I wanted to give her all the time she needed to reconnect while they still could play.

*** Many years later, I visited a psychic and the first thing I asked her was about the time I found my daughter playing with a ghost named Rose. She told me, “that was your grandmother… but you knew that already.” ***

When No One Believes You

I was sitting with a friend at lunch and she confessed something to me that she only told a handful of people. She knew how much I love the paranormal world and was certain I wouldn’t judge her. This new mom kept finding her young daugther in full conversations while alone in her house and it was scaring her to pieces.

It scared her so much, in fact, that she put her daughter in therapy! At not even two years old, the child was seeing a doctor because her connection with this imaginary friend was too real for comfort. In her GUT, my friend believed her daughter was talking to a ghost because sometimes the conversation flowed too cleanly.

She told me it was as if someone else was driving the chat and it would have been impossible for her daughter to make up that many topics for those many days. When she originally brought up the issue to the therapist, he laughed it right off. Immediately said the child was just learning how to speak and it was her natural way of practicing and he told my friend to stop worrying.

And you know what? That might be the case, but this example shows you exactly the society we live in. No one even gave the THOUGHT that it could be anything else. The option wasn’t even put on the table. She came to me desperate to be HEARD because she had no one else to LISTEN to her. My friend thinks she has a ghost in her house and there isn’t a single person in her life who will even entertain the thought.

Removing Negative Spirits From The Home

If your infant shows signs of distress, then perhaps you might want to look into doing a cleansing of your home. There are specific methods you can do to remove negative energy from your home that should take care of any spirits you want released from your property.

There are plenty of things that will keep you up at night with your newborn. So, you definitely don’t need a whole other realm to add to your plate. Just keep a positive attitude, trust the universe, surround yourself with positive energy, and all will be well.


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