If I Buy Nicer Underwear Will It Make My Butt Look Smaller?

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Victoria’s Secret just got a whopping order from me. I WAS in need of some new underwear and bras. After the pregnancy, I felt like I deserved a fresh start. But the purchase had a hidden agenda. Let me explain.

I’m usually not suckered in my marketing. You can’t fool me!!! ¬†Except… when it comes to underwear and bathing suits. For some reason, my first instinct is to believe that if I buy item X, then I will look exactly like the model if I put item X on.

And I get all excited too. It’s like my quick fix. If I buy these cheekies (which I did), then it’s equivalent to hitting the gym for a full year. No more cellulite. NO! The underwear will take it away, won’t it? My mind says this loud and clear. And then a small voice inside my head reminds me that I AM INSANE. But that logical person never wins. If I buy the underwear…. my butt will get smaller.


$300 worth of lingerie is coming in a few days. Stand by for the disappointment.

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