Bryce Dallas Howard Interview About Her Love For Tide purclean



I had the chance to sit down with Bryce Dallas Howard and interview her about her laundry habits, her commitment to sustainability and her love for Tide purclean. This isn’t the first time I’ve chatted with the Jurassic World celebrity and mom of two, but my excitement level was still the same. Her infectious laugh and warm spirit are always so welcoming, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. 

Bryce Dallas Howard Interview About Her Love For Tide purclean

Bryce Dallas Howard Interview on Her Love For Tide purclean

First – what is Tide purclean? Tide purclean is a plant-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide – so you don’t have to compromise on clean clothes when you make the switch to plant-based products. 

While opening up about her partnership with Tide purclean, Bryce spoke about how her family tackled laundry day together and her thoughts on making a difference where it counts. She made some incredible points that I wanted to share with other parents who might be looking to lessen their carbon footprint by making small adjustments to their everyday lives.

Bryce emphasized how Tide purclean can truly help you create a more sustainable home because it’s designed to clean in cold water in your HE machine. You can save on your energy bill and lighten your environmental footprint at once. SCORE!

Fast Fashion and Hand Me Downs

Bryce said something that was such an eye-opener during our interview – she said that the better we take care of our clothes the more likely we will be to hand them down, which – in turn – help keep landfills emptier. Bryce continued, 

“Landfills, as we know, are filled with plastic. The second biggest contributor to landfills behind plastic is textiles…That is such a huge waste. As much as we can impact these areas that we can and be mindful and say, “Okay, I think I could make a difference here,” that will add up with millions and billions of people, honestly. It’s going to add up in a massive way.”

I never thought about it. I truly never did. Would my extra care on my son’s baseball slide stain result in a positive impact on the environment a year from now? The answer is yes. Wow!! That was huge for me.

At the end of the day, as parents, it is our job to lead by example.

To do the things that we want to teach our children. To be the things that we hope one day our children will become. And so, we start small. We recognize when they are watching us. Bryce had a bit of an ‘aha’ moment and it all revolved around laundry. She asked her daughter whether or not she knew what her “real job” was. Her answer surprised the Jurassic World actress. 

“I said, “Beatrice, do you know what my job is?” She went, “mm-hmm (affirmative).” I said, “What?” She looked at me, and she goes, “Laundry.” I’m serious. I, at that moment, though, “Oh my gosh, she has seen me do our laundry up until that point.” What is she modeling? She’s not necessarily modeling me when I’m at my best and most dazzling and all put together. She’s seeing me in the laundry and taking from that, and that’s registering.

In terms of the influence that we have on our children, I would say that it probably entirely comes down to what we do and our actions and what we’re demonstrating. We’re going to be imperfect. But, when we see opportunities to be a little bit better, to make an impact, especially when it’s kind of easy…why not go for it?”  Absolutely! 

Tide purclean featured


Daily Water Consumption

While living in Santa Monica during the drought, residents were asked to keep an eye on daily water consumption levels. Bryce was certain that her family would fall way below the allocated levels, but to her surprise, she was surpassing them pretty consistently. That’s when she began to research easy ways to make a difference. 

“I started reading more and more about laundry. I learned that, yes, a lot of water is consumed when you’re doing laundry. When you’re doing a load, you want to make sure that first – it’s a full load. But even more so than that, when you’re doing laundry, 80% of your carbon footprint is because you’re using hot water. If you used cold water, that’s an 80% decrease on your carbon footprint, which is huge. That is massive. So, now I’m someone that washes my clothes in cold water.”

What an easy way for all laundry doers to do their part! Switch to cold water! By doing so, you can decrease your carbon footprint. Check! 

But it didn’t stop there.

Bryce’s children have sensitive skin. Tide purclean is formulated to be gentle and is free of dyes, heavy perfumes, chlorine, and phosphates. By adding Tide purclean to her laundry routine, she is able to wash her family’s clothes without irritating her children’s skin.

“Tricky problem, I also am someone with sensitive skin. My kids have sensitive skin. Using a product with chemicals, it’s a non-negotiable. I can’t do it. I can’t do it in my household. Honestly, up until this point, I’ve been frustrated because I felt like [products] weren’t measuring up to the stuff that I grew up with, honestly.

Tide purclean is the first plant-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide. Once I started to use Tide purclean, I was ecstatic because I didn’t have to use as much and my clothes were finally clean.”

So, not only does this product work with cold water, but it also works for people who have sensitive skin. Amazing!

Using a product with the cleaning power of Tide and the environmental consciousness of Tide purclean can truly make a difference. It is impactful. Not just in the exact moment but for years to come. By taking small steps in our laundry routines, we can lighten our environmental footprint. 


More about Tide purclean

Tide purclean is in a 100% recyclable bottle that’s made using recycled plastic. It’s also made using renewable wind electricity at a zero-manufacturing waste to landfill site.

I had such a wonderful time with Tide purclean and Bryce Dallas Howard. I walked away learning so many incredible things and you can’t ask for anything more from an interview. For more information about Tide, visit

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