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Last month, mark celebrated their 10 year anniversary with the launch of some fabulous products. Included in those was the Full Service 5-Piece Pro Brush Set. It’s a 5-piece professional brush set that is designed to meet all your makeup needs. I had the chance to test it out. Here’s the verdict.

markThe Full Service 5-Piece Pro Brush Set includes an eyeliner brush, an eye shadow brush, a concealer brush, a blush/bronzer brush and a powder brush. I used the brush/bronzer brush for my powder foundation. I absolutely loved it. It was gentle enough but firm enough to apply foundation. The powder brush is also perfect for applying highlighter. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional these brushes are. Brushes are used daily so they need to be strong enough for rigorous use. I’ve been using the Full Service 5-Piece Pro Brush Set for about a month and they have stood up to the test. At just $28 for the entire set, though, this professionalism is available at a fraction of any of the brand name brushes. They also come in a handy, fun box. This solves the problem of it taking up any more bathroom counter real estate space.


The verdict on the Full Service 5-Piece Pro Brush Set is a definite thumbs up!

BONUS: The box comes with handy pro tips to help you look your best. Click here to read more about it.


Tabitha St. Bernard

Sample received for review.  

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