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Anti-Gravity Yoga With TD Bank At Om Factory

Almost every event I get to participate in for Lady And The Blog is really fun and interesting in it’s own unique way. Then comes along our friends at TD Bank to steal the show, this time with something I was vaguely familiar with, but have never tried – Anti-Gravity Yoga.

You may have read a story on here about a year ago where TD Bank took us to Trapeze School. Never a dull moment with these folks, I had absolutely the most fun I’ve had in a while recently as we flexed into a number of positions, all mid-air, hanging from a cloth hammock. At first I was a little nervous, having a bit of trouble finding my balance on the hammock, but not before long was I doing backward flips, hanging upside down, and so relaxed I could have napped in there all day. And let’s face it… how many types of exercise allow you to unleash your inner Superman?

I had so much fun joining my fellow bloggers and writers (notably Dana Walsh from and to learn about freeing my body in the air, and freeing my mind of the hassles of banking. As a self-professed yogi, I can think of no better way to put my mind at ease than with a little financial security. Just like the hammock had my back at Om Factory that day, so does TD.

I’ve been recommending TD Bank to friends for years, and not just because I think the Penny Arcade is a really fun way to turn coins into cash. Have you ever tried to call your bank and found yourself dialing a million buttons to get someone on the phone, just to hear yourself slowly yelling “cuh-stoh-merrr-serrr-vice” to a computer? It’s frustrating for all of us. When you call up TD- it’s like calling my grandmother. I always get someone to answer the phone, the first time I call. No buttons pressed, no elevator music- just a friendly voice on the other side asking how they can be of assistance. It’s a rare treat in this day and age.

It’s also comforting to know that TD Bank locations are open seven days per week, with extended holiday hours, which is a great convenience amidst a busy schedule. TD also considers that we all have different needs and wants from our banking institution, so they offer six different types of checking accounts, ranging from Simple Checking to Premium Checking. TD Bank professionals are there to assist you with a flexible account that best suits your needs.

So what does TD Bank have to do with Anti-Gravity Yoga? A whole lot, if you ask me. Not only was I able to free myself in more senses than one, I felt my mind go at ease when I was reassured of the support of my bank. Now more than ever it is so important to feel like your banking institution is on your side. I got to learn more about the flexibility TD Bank affords me, while discovering my own limberness with Anti-Gravity Yoga.

I definitely recommend checking into TD Bank for your banking needs, as well trying out some Anti-Gravity Yoga. If you’re in NYC like me, Om Factory has a current promotion for new students to try UNLIMITED yoga for one week for just $35! I will definitely be taking advantage of this offer. I hope to see you there!

To check out the services over at TD Bank visit: and for more information about Om Factory visit:

Written By Samantha Ewers

Disclaimer: TD Bank sponsored my Anti-Gravity Yoga event experience, but all opinions stated here are entirely my own, and drawn from personal experience.


Sunday 28th of April 2013

I am sure this post has touched all the internet people, its really really good post on building up new blog.


Thursday 15th of March 2012

SO fun! When I was in NYC in December I took this class and loved it! I hope to get out to NYC and take it again!


Friday 2nd of March 2012

this is so fasinating and it looks like fun too


Thursday 1st of March 2012

I did this once and it was so amazing! Looks like you had a great time!

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