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I have been DYING to write about our new site – Geek Obsessed – FOR AGES but wanted to wait until there was enough content on there before I officially went LIVE with the news.

We’ve had a new baby … and she is a total nerd!! 🙂 Ok – full disclosure: I’m a tech/ zombie / geek fanatic. If my “How to Survive The Apocalypse” post didn’t confirm that for you… I don’t know what will! 🙂

It’s sort of the other side of my coin so to speak. I am a TRUE lover of fashion and beauty, travel and cooking. BUT I also love to read about the latest and greatest gadgets and apps. It just didn’t make senes to put that content on Lady and the Blog. I felt like it would confuse readers who were NOT into zombie repellent soap and reviews of the newest Samsung tablet (that’s on the way FYI).


So, we split it out and Bill promised he would write for Geek Obsessed too. THIS MEANS Geek Obsessed is the first project where my husband and I will write together. Pretty excited about that! I’ve been trying to get Bill to write a little on Lady and the Blog… but he wouldn’t because of the title.

“Vera…. it’s LADY and the Blog.”

I get it.

Anyway – I would love for you to check out Geek Obsessed and tell your friends. Here’s what you can expect:

  • app reviews
  • gadget reviews
  • spotlighting fun geek gift items
  • social media news
  • accessory reviews
  • gaming news / reviews
  • specific sections for HER and for PARENTS
  • … and more

Geek Obsessed is NOT your typical tech site. It’s not HEAVY because I don’t have the capacity to read those sort of sites. I’m a high level / to-the-point kinda girl and I wanted to build out a site with the same sort of attitude.

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Thanks for checking it out!!

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