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A New Mom’s Ultimate Toddler Gear Guide, Part I: Eat, Sleep And Play

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Jessica and Samantha are back again to help you wade through the ocean of gear to help you find the best, most reliable, safest and most convenient gear to make your life as a new mom as easy as possible. Now that you’ve survived baby gear with Lady and the Blog’s A New Mom’s Ultimate Baby Gear Guide Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part V, it’s time to tackle the must-have toddler gear to make your life as a mom of an active toddler as easy and fun as possible.



Anywhere a toddler goes, snacks are sure to follow and the Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies makes sure that your toddler’s snack will always travel in style. But Zoo Lunchies are more than just a cute face, the roomy compartment is fully insulated and lined with wipe-clean material and even has an internal mesh pocket perfect for holding an ice pack, utensils or even a note from Mom.

I love all of the adorable details on the Lunchies like the cow bell zipper pull on the Cow Zoo Lunchie. Coordinate with other pieces from the Zoo collection and your little one can sport unicorn eating accessories from utensils to plates to water bottle or mix and match to start your own zoo at mealtime. The Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies come in 21 adorable animal choices (pictured above) and retail for $15.00.

Why We Love It: The lunchies are a perfect size for keeping lunch or snacks on-the-go cool and the adorable animal designs are sure to be a big hit with toddlers who will love the independence of picking out their favorite animal to bring home.

Visit Skip Hop online to pick the adorable Zoo Lunchies animal that your little one will love or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

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OUR FAVORITE TODDLER CUP: Philips Avent Toddler Cup

A system created especially for the transitioning toddler, Philips Avent presents a four-stage process to move little ones from the bottle to the big kid cup. The Philips Avent My Trainer Cups easily graduates toddlers from bottle to sippy cups, with a soft silicone nipple to start, along with a soft sippy spout to move up to, along with handle grips to hold on to.

From there, the My Penguin Sippy Cup continues the sippy cup experience with a hard spout and no-slip grip handle. The third stage includes a new type of no-spill experience with the My Twist n’ Sip Straw Cup, that is both hygienic and perfect for on-the-go.

Finally, the My Natural Drinking Cup presents a final stage before the regular cup that promotes independent drinking with a 360 degree, lip activated rim that releases milk or water when prompted, ingeniously preventing messy spills. The Philips Avent My Trainer Cups retails for $5.99-$9.99 and are sold in individual units.

Why We Love It: This thoughtful transition system offers parents a reliable, spill-free product, with a hassle-free experience for tots as they move on from the bottle.

Visit Philips Avent online to pick the perfect cup for your growing toddler or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

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Another must-have item in the Skip Hop Zoo feeding collection is the Tuck-Away Zoo Bibs. These bibs are lightweight and water-resistant and have a large catch-all pocket to capture stray food and keep your toddler clean.

I love the large size on the bib that along with the catch-all pocket keep my toddler’s whole outfit clean as he explores the messy mealtimes that come from wanting to feed himself and the clever tuck-away pouch makes it easy for me to keep a bib in the diaper bag and the lunchbox for unexpected snack times when we’re out and about. The Skip Hop Tuck-Away Zoo bibs come in 14 adorable animal designs (a selection pictured above) and retails for $8.00.

Why We Love It: Adorable animal designs and a convenient tuck-away pouch, these fabulous bibs are more than just a pretty face, and a must-have item for fashionable (and messy!) toddlers everywhere.

Visit Skip Hop online to pick the adorable Zoo animal bib that your little one will love or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.


OUR FAVORITE TRAVEL FEEDER: BooginHead Squeez’ems Food Pouch

Feeding a baby or a toddler on the go is often a messy proposition but with the BooginHead Squeez’ems Food Pouch it just got a lot easier. The Squeez’ems Food Pouch is an innovative reusable pouch for yogurt, applesauce, and purees that is easy to fill, clean and store to make it a snap to pack homemade food or yogurt to feed your kiddo on the go.

The Squeez’ems Food pouches are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. The Squeez’ems combines my desire to cook yummy and healthful food for my little guy with the novelty of getting to suck his snacks out of a pouch so it’s win-win for mom and for toddler. The BooginHead Squeez’ems Food Pouch retails for $7.99 for a pack of two.

Why We Love It: Easy to use, toddler approved and environmentally friendly, what’s not to love?

Visit BooginHead online to get your ultimate toddler feeding solution or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.


OUR FAVORITE TODDLER BEDDING: Aden + Anais Toddler Bed in a Bag

With classic and organic options to choose from, Aden + Anais redefines ‘bed-in-a-bag’ with its toddler bedding collection. A set complete with a toddler-sized pillow and pillowcase, toddler dream blanket, and fitted + flat sheet combo, this collection is an all-encompassing must-have. With so many elegant designs to choose from, the only rivaling factor from its appearance is the soft, comforting feel for delicate skin. The Aden + Anais Toddler Bed-In-A-Bag retails for $149.95-169.95.

Why We Love It: The Aden + Anais Toddler Bed-In-A-Bag includes a fitted + flat sheet combo, where they are attached at the foot, so that the top sheet never gets lost, and a snug, cozy slumber is ready to be had.

Visit Aden + Anais online to pick up a bedding set to make to make sleep time extra snuggly or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

FP Custom Comfort Potty

OUR FAVORITE BATHROOM ACCESSORY: Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty

Simple, obvious, and gender neutral, the Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty helps little ones feel relaxed and secure as they learn to use the potty. Featuring arm rests, a comfortable high seat back, and two adjustable seat heights, it is the epitome of comfort for this developmental milestone. The Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty retails for $20.

Why We Love It: Clean up is easier than ever with this one-piece bowl, which makes it great for at home or on-the-go.

Visit Fisher-Price online to pick the perfect potty to make toilet training a breeze or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.


OUR FAVORITE TODDLER TOWELS: Aden + Anais Toddler Towel 

As infants grow into toddlers, parents quickly find a need for a larger bath towel that is just as soft and fun. From the days of swaddling and beyond, Aden + Anais brings the perfect blend for a delicate and adorable touch. The Aden + Anais toddler towel is created with a soft terry and muslin material, keeping our growing babies warm and dry. The Aden + Anais Toddler Towel retails for $29.95 each.

Why We Love It: These beautifully printed toddler towels come hooded, with a larger size that is just perfect through the toddler years and beyond.

Visit Aden + Anais online to pick up a cuddly towel  your little one will love or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

SH Blanket COllage

OUR FAVORITE PARK ACCESSORY: Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket + Cooler Bag

Skip Hop has made it onto our favorite list several times, and with good reason — the designs are thoughtful and functional and the patterns could not be cuter and that includes their fantastic Central Park Outdoor Blanket + Cooler Bag. Every mom of a toddler knows that you are bound to spend a lot of your time in parks so an excellent blanket is a must-have item, and the Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket + Cooler definitely fits the bill.

This large, water-resistant blanket folds up and zips into a self-contained square that can also double as a padded seat cushion depending on your needs. As if the perfect park blanket wasn’t enough, the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and the attached insulated cooler bag means you can store snacks in the same compact carrying case or use it as a mini diaper bag and have one less thing to carry as you chase your toddler around the park. The Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket + Cooler bag comes in two designs and retails for $45.00.

Why We Love It: This blanket is the perfect blend of lightweight to carry but cushioned for sitting, the attached cooler bag is a wonderful bonus for when you want to bring along snacks without schlepping another bag and the self contained zipper means that its easy to get the blanket back into a nice carry size in a snap.

Visit Skip Hop online to pick the perfect blanket for picnics and playdates and everything in between or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

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Joovy has an exceptional reputation as a baby and toddler gear brand that makes high-quality products with smart features and the Joovy Tricycoo is no exception. The Tricycoo can be introduced to toddlers as young as 18 months to help them begin to develop balance and coordination within the safe confines of a parent-controlled tricycle and through a few simple adjustments the Tricycoo morphs into a progressively more independent little vehicle until it becomes a stand-alone Tricycle for the toddler ready to take the sidewalk by storm.

In the first stage, the Tricycoo is simple: the parent push handle overrides the steering, the pedals are locked and a footrest flips down and the baby surrounds arms help keep your toddler safely on the seat and feeling secure. In the second stage, pedals can be unlocked so a child can practice pedaling without needing to exert real force to make the Tricycoo “go”.

As the child grows and becomes more comfortable, the pedals can be engaged, the baby surrounds arms can be removed and finally the parent push handle can be removed so the Tricycoo operates as a fully independent tricycle. Each adjustment is easy to execute and the Tricycoo can grow right alongside your toddler replacing several different large toys as your toddler acquires new skills. 

The Tricycoo can be used starting at 18 months and because of the steel frame, it can support a child up to 44 pounds! The Tricycoo has a 4 position adjust and adjusts from 32.5″ to 38″. The Joovy Tricycoo comes in green, pink and orange and retails for $99.99.

Why We Love It: Gear that grows with a toddler is great for your wallet and for houses and apartments already packed with toddler gear. Paired with Joovy’s excellent quality and innovative design details and you have a must-have item to help your toddler develop important skills and enjoy exploring the world around them.

Visit Joovy online to pick the perfect tricycle that will grow with your little explorer or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Fisher Price Zoo

OUR FAVORITE CLASSIC REVISITED: Fisher-Price Little People Big Animal Zoo

Fisher-Price Little People bring back fond memories from our childhood, so we couldn’t wait to get our little ones playing with them too. The modern, updated Little People figures are perfect for little hands and figures to grasp, without concern for safety. The Little People Big Animal Zoo is our go-to choice for hours of active fun— with zookeepers, a big elephant that plays music, and a toy zoo to upkeep, there is so much to discover, and lots of opportunity for the imagination to run wild. The Fisher-Price Little People Big Animal Zoo retails for $39.99.

Why We Love It: The big elephant has an adjustable trunk and legs for optimal movement and play, and the music he plays is strangely addictive and pleasant to the ears for parents and kids alike.

Visit Fisher-Price online to pick the perfect toddler toy that will keep your little one entertained while taking you on a trip down memory lane or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

FP Scooter


Adorable, fun, and educational, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter is lightweight, yet surprisingly sturdy. As on-the-go toddlers begin to find their balance, this interactive toy offers three learning stages that grow with your child’s pace. As they scoot along learning, little ones are rewarded with over 50 sing-along songs, tunes, and phrases. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter retails for $39.99.

Why We Love It: Perfect for toddlers anywhere from 12-36 months of age, this scooter doesn’t push over easily, holding weight just in the right places, and scoots along perfectly over both firm and soft surfaces.

Visit Fisher-Price online to pick the perfect toddler scooter that will have them zooming around with glee or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

LDesk Collage


Adding a new piece of furniture to my toddler’s small Manhattan bedroom is always a big decision, but the adorable Little Desk from Good Furniture made that decision and easy one for me. In addition to being sleek and beautifully made, all of the Good Furniture pieces are made in Northern California from sustainably harvested birch plywood and even the cushion is made from organic buckwheat hulls grown in the United States.

The desk is finished with a water-based polyurethane making it easy to clean after your little artist creates a masterpiece. Most compelling, however, was how excited my little guy was the first time he laid eyes on the desk. My son loved that unlike the rest of the adult furniture around the apartment, this Little Desk was sized perfectly for him and he delighted in standing up to the desk that was made just for him and he couldn’t wait to grab a book to stand at the desk and try it out.

The Little Desk (pictured above, center) measures 33.5″ x 20.5″ x 17.5″ Good Furniture also makes a larger Standing Desk (pictured above, left) for older children that is adjustable so it evolves with your growing child and an adorable Rocking Chair (pictured above, right) that would be a wonderful addition to any child’s room. Good Furniture’s Little Desk comes in 5 different stool color choices and retails for $349.00.

Why We Love It: The products from Good Furniture are made with a lot of love and it shows in their product. Clean, streamlined designs perfectly sized with toddlers or older children in mind means that your toddler will love using this furniture as much as you will love how it looks in their room.

Visit Good Furniture online to outfit your little one’s room with beautiful furniture that will grow with them or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


OUR FAVORITE ACTIVITY TOY: Melissa and Doug Grocery Store and Lemonade Stand 

Indoors or outdoors, the Melissa & Doug Lemonade Stand/Grocery Store is the perfect activity for growing toddlers. Featuring plastic bins for “store” inventory or storage, and chalkboards for signs, there are so many ways to make this lemonade stand or grocery store a personal neighborhood gem. With a reversible awning, the storefront can switch its mode in a matter of seconds. The Melissa & Doug Lemonade Stand/Grocery Store retails for $129.99.

Why We Love It: Children have ample space for pretend play and to sell lemonade to friends and neighbors in an adorable fashion, and the bins serve as an excellent added storage space for a toddler’s toys.

Visit Melissa and Doug online to for the ultimate children’s activity toy or visit them online on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Pacific Play Tents


Designed for the child with a heart for imagination and fun, Pacific Play Tents pops up a house of fun in just minutes. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, play tents may be assembled in five minutes or less, and with color-coded poles, it is as easy a set-up as ever. Clever cut outs in the tent allow for windows to be drawn, for doors to be open or shut, and in some cases, even offer a welcoming pet door. The Cottage House shown by Pacific Play Tents retails for $100.99.

Why We Love It: Made to withstand rambunctious toddlers and children, although these tents are extremely lightweight, they can actually survive quite a blow. The best part- when deconstructed, the play tent doesn’t take up much more room than a standard folded umbrella in the home.

Visit Pacific Play Tents online to pick the play tent to get your toddler’s imagination going or visit them online on Twitter or Facebook.

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Written by Samantha and Jessica with review help from our official gear testers Penny and Noah.

Samples provided for review. Opinions expressed solely ours.

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