8 Beauty Tips I Learned From The P&G Vision House #PGVisionHouse

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I had the most AMAZING time yesterday at the P&G Vision House. I was part of a very small group of bloggers who attended the event alongside long lead editors (think Cosmopolitan, InStyle, New Beauty etc. ). I knew THREE people in the room out of 60 – and that’s usually NOT the case at a NY event. So, I was beyond thrilled that the team had me along.

The point of the P&G Vision House is to let editors know about all the great advancements / products that are scheduled to hit shelves in 2014. What I learned…. I cannot say. But SOON I will rock your beauty loving worlds!! TRUST ME! For now, we are all going to have to wait. But if you love mascara, shampoo, razors, hair coloring and younger looking skin… I have great, GREAT NEWS. Let’s talk in December.

Besides getting to spend the entire morning and afternoon with my best friend and partner Audrey,  I also sat through a beauty conference that spoke about some trends that are making huge waves in the industry. I was writing feverishly in my pad – like it was my job! Oh wait… it is my job.

So, here are my takeaways from P&G Vision House. Here are the beauty trends and styles you should be testing out and focusing on in 2014. Ready?!


long hair runway


1. Long Hair Hit The Runway: This Fashion Week, models sported longer hair. It was a trend that spread throughout most shows.

2. Keeping Hair Simple: Even though the hair was long, it was kept simple. Center part or side part. Silhouettes were kept close to the ears.

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3. Pretty Punk: Admittedly this is a terrible picture. Can you tell that the bottom of the model’s hair is bright yellow and pink? The point is we are going to see a lot more COLOR in hair and in fun ways. Think bottom tips. Think at home application!

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.28.48 AM

4. Pulled Back Beauty: During Fashion Week, designers wanted the clothes to shine and not the makeup. So, an ongoing theme was pulled back beauty. Look fresh with bare skin when your clothing is strong and your garb is embellished.

5. Wet Look: This kinda scares me because I am the queen of the matte face thanks to powder. But it’s IN to look fresh faced and glowing. RELEASE the SHINE  – that was an exact quote. Wet eyes, cheeks and chin. WOW!

metallic eyes

6: Metallic Eyes: Organic and metallic – beautiful and strong. On the runway, they obviously took it over the top and included the brows and under the eyes with wet gold and it looked beautiful. But your takeaway it to tone it down a bit and search out some metallic shadows and creams.

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.37.39 AM

7: Brows (ALL OR NOTHING): This is great! Either OWN IT or don’t. Darken and thicken your brows and really accentuate them or bleach them out and make them practically unnoticeable. My advice? Don’t do this on your own. Get a professional to help you if you want to try this out. You can always play with a brow pencil on your own of course – but don’t start bleaching your eyebrows! Go to a salon.

8: Undone Hair: New moms rejoice!! Effortless hair , undone hair, uneasiness to hair – is back and in action. Woot! Woot! Stop watching those YouTube tutorials and just relax a bit.


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