6 Years Ago Today I Became A Mom

It’s my daughter’s birthday today. She woke up screaming with excitement because she knows that we are bringing in cupcakes this afternoon for her class. Natalie wanted to wear her prettiest dress (which is pretty much our Easter dress at this point) and made me paint her toenails 5 different colors last night.

I was supposed to take her to the salon, but this week has been ruining me and I just didn’t have time.

I was supposed to go out yesterday and buy her a new dress for today – but again – I just didn’t have time.

I was supposed to

I was supposed to

I was supposed to….

I wish I could split myself in half – because the thing that is most important seems to be getting the least amount of attention lately.

I mean – even this morning – I was hoping to sit down and have breakfast with my baby, but a developer completely messed up ImNotObsessed.com and I’ve been reading forums for the last 2 hours in an attempt to fix the error. I officially gave up 20 minutes ago and then had to go work on dealobsessed.com just to get that out of the way so I can run to Target and get Natalie birthday cups and plates for her celebration. There’s no way I’m messing that up too.

I’m breaking. Seriously. I’m almost to the point where I’m going to let everything go and live a normal life. I’m a hair away from it. I’m shaking because it’s true. Today is a beautiful day – but it’s not.

I need to get INO fixed and then I need to run the errands I need to run and then I need to just be there for Natalie. For the rest of the day . There are moments in our lives where we remember the TRUE priorities and I think I just hit that mark.

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  1. Vera- ALL of us working moms feel EXACTLY the same way– there is never enough time- there is so much we’re supposed to do that often falls away– but think of all the things you’re teaching and modeling for natalie that you may not even relaize- which make you an even better mom– your incredibly strong work ethic, the fact that you’ve SINGLEHANDEDLY created this thriving business (no small feat for a woman as young as you mama!) and that in spite of all your professional pursuits- you ALWAYS manage to be there for natalie and liam at every free moment you get. You are teaching her that being a woman, a mother and a wife is a work in progress and is a balancing act on every level- but it can be done. In my opinion that is THE GREATEST birthday present you could possibly give to her, and the one that will endure long after the cupcakes have been eaten and the balloons popped! Happy birthday sweet natalie:) xoxo

    Posted 6.17.11
  2. Lisa wrote:

    Yeah, what Melissa said!! You should be patting yourself on the back! That’s mommy guilt and all of us moms have that unfortunately. Like I told Maria – @Pluslily, we are warriors and we can conquer ANYTHING!!

    Posted 6.17.11
  3. Tracy wrote:

    YES – you are so amazing! My daughter is 12 now and it seems the mommy guilt gets worse LOL Stay stong Vera because I love your recipes, fashion and all things that are your websites!

    Posted 6.17.11
  4. courtney wrote:

    im sure I will feel that way soon! i’m pregnant with my FIRST baby… and scared! aaagh!

    Posted 6.17.11
  5. Mami2jcn wrote:

    My 2nd child is 6, too! What a great age!

    Posted 6.17.11
  6. lizzys wrote:

    happy birthday natalie:)

    Posted 6.17.11
  7. kerrydawn wrote:

    Tomorrow is another day.
    All of us are pulled in a million directions and trying to prioritize and re-prioritize at a moments notice.
    B’s party is tomorrow (actually today since its after 230 am) and the favors are finally done. The morning brings a funeral and then a party. That’s just the way life is right now.
    Hope tomorrow is better.

    Posted 6.18.11
  8. Sending you a hug. I know this feeling of being one key stroke away from closing it all down and just being mom 🙂 Everyday it’s a struggle. Go get those cupcakes!

    Posted 6.18.11
  9. Maria wrote:

    AW! Just thinking and feeling as you do makes you a great Mom. You want to give more and more – and that’s how Moms feel. You are a strong woman and you will ge through this. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are working this hard for YOUR FAMILY – remember that. Your kids are so proud of you and they’re going to be even more proud when they truly understand what you’ve done for them. Your kids and husband are lucky to have you. xo

    Posted 6.18.11
  10. Tabitha wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Natalie!!! You can do it, V! I’m not a mom yet but I can tell u’re one of those amazing ones who struggle with that balance because of how much you want to give to your kids. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

    Posted 6.18.11
  11. Sherry wrote:

    I know that your job takes up a huge chunk of time, but really look at how lucky you are to (for the most part) make your own hours and take off when you really need it. If you were to give up what you have built online and went back to a 9-5 job, think about how difficult bosses can be about time off for school functions, family vacations, etc! We all suffer from mommy guilt. We can all relate. You are doing a great job with your kids, V! Don’t beat yourself up!

    ditto to what Tabitha offered – if you need me – I’m here!

    Posted 6.19.11

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