6 Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Disney World Experience


I have a billion pictures to post from my recent trip to Disney World – look out for those this weekend.  Today’s post is more about the shortcuts I’ve learned while vacationing with the children. In the last 5 years, my family has visited Disney 5 times. The kids actually know the park. The told us which rides they wanted to see and where they were! It was amazing!

Anyway – here are 5 tips and tricks I discovered that will make your Disney trip much easier.

Disney Tip Number 1: The best fireworks location

We figured this out by accident! After watching the Electric Parade, the kids wanted to use their fast pass for Space Mountain. So, we walked over to Tomorrowland. When they finished, the fireworks just happened to start. We looked up and had THE PERFECT VIEW. There was no crowd to worry about, no pushing and a TON of available seating.We all sat down and had front row seats to the Disney Fireworks Finale.

And as SOON as the fireworks ended… we RAN back onto the Space Mountain line. There was NO ONE on it because everyone in the park was watching the Fireworks on Main Street.

Disney Tip Number 2: Don’t do anything without getting a Fast Pass first. 

Before we ate, shopped, or saw a show we made sure to snag a fast pass first. There is NO REASON to wait on these long lines. Seriously!! I took one look at the organized chaos and said NO THANK YOU! Instead, we swiped our tickets and booked our slots. You can pretty much get a new fast pass each hour – so if combine resting / eating / riding /  into your time in each “land” you will do just FINE. Sure, there are rides that don’t have fast passes – but honestly – those are mostly indoors and are quick to get through.

Disney Tip Number 3: Head to Peter Pan as soon as you get into the park and get your fast passes!

We made our way to Fantasyland AFTER a few hours of being in the park and when we went to ride Peter Pan…. there was a 7 hour FAST PASS WAIT!!! We had to come back at 7:10 I believe. That is SOME WAIT. Thank goodness we were planning on staying in the park until the very end.

Go there first!! Learn from my day. Are you not into Peter Pan? Then do the same thing with Space Mountain! Go there first and get your fast pass before you even THINK of doing anything else.

Disney Tip Number 4: Those wait times aren’t really that bad. 

We began to track our waiting time and compare it to the posted sign. The majority of the time it was HALF of what we expected. Mind you, I never tried to get on a line that had a 60 minute wait. We only opted for rides that had 35 minutes or less. Without FAIL, we waited between 7 and 15 minutes. It was great!! My advice to you is to hit up only the rides that say 35 minutes or less and know that you will not wait that long.

Disney Tip Number 5: If at first you don’t succeed…

If we walked to a ride and the wait was too long, we just tried again later that night. It was always easier to get on the kid rides in the evening. In fact, a TON of people left around 2 or 3. We were hanging out around the castle and saw SWARMS of people exiting the park. Parents of little children had enough which meant less people waiting for the kid rides. AWESOME! We stayed until midnight and went on the most rides in the late evening. Our kids can sleep when we get home. LOL

Disney Tip Number 6: Those water fans are worth it.

It was HOT and for the first time in our lives – we opted for those water fans. It was a pretty penny, but honestly SO WORTH IT. We each used it a billion times. While the kids had a little downtime, they played with it. While we waited on lines that were outdoors, they freshened up with it. It took me all these year to finally cave – but I’m glad I finally did.

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  1. Sherry wrote:

    You are killing me with all these Disney posts! I’m *this* close to running off and planning a trip!

    Posted 3.28.12
  2. Good tips Vera, especially if you can grab a water fan at Walgreens before you hit the park.

    Try visiting the park in February some day. You won’t ever wait longer than 20 minutes!

    I included your tips on my “Disney Blog Bites”…

    Posted 4.3.12
  3. Elena wrote:

    Great tips! We always try to go early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid long waiting in lines.

    (this comment is an entry to your Visa/Eucerin giveaway)

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

    Posted 4.5.12

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