50 Ways To Cut Your Bills Today


My mother sends me about a million articles a day to post on ‘Lady and the Blog’. She is unofficially part of the staff. LOL! Well, today… she hit the nail on the head. My husband and I were JUST talking about little changes we could make to shrink our monthly expenses last night. This post couldn’t have come at a better time.

Fine Living came up with 50 tips to get us all started.

Tip #1: Study the lay of the land at your local supermarket. If you’ve ever wondered why you have to walk to the back of the store to buy milk, the answer is simple: It makes you pass displays and goodies.

Be aware when supermarkets reorganize aisles and products because they’re usually trying to steer your focus so you’ll notice something new and be enticed to impulse buy.

Note: Shoppers making quick trips to the market for a few specific items usually purchase more than they planned. Grazing and/or impulse buying makes up more than 50 percent of a customer’s purchases.

Tip #2: Generic Store Brands? Don’t shy away from store-brand products; many are actually top quality brands packaged under a different name.

Tip #3: Coupons and Hidden Costs: Coupons are great, but not always the best deal. Sale prices without a coupon are often less than the brand name with a coupon.

Tip #4: Eye-Catching Displays: Beware of dazzling floor displays. Some of the showcased products may be bargains, but the complementary items won’t be.

Tip #5: Breakfast and Lunch Savings: Make a batch of homemade pancakes/waffles or breakfast burritos and freeze. And if you spend $5 a day on lunch, you’re spending $100 a month ($1,200 a year), so pack your lunch at least a few days a week.

Tip #6: Try a smart thermostat. These new thermostats are easy to use and enhance the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. (Several varieties can be found by searching www.Shopzilla.com.)

Tip #7: Close vents in unused rooms.

Tip #8: Don’t use your fireplace on a regular basis; lots of energy leaves your home via a fireplace.

Tip #9: Use a ceiling fan to push warm air down.

Tip #10: If you have a room air-conditioner unit, run a fan at the same time to create better circulation.

Click here to check out the rest of the list. Definitely worth a read.

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