5 Pounds And Counting: It Feels Good To Take Back Control Of My Weight

I am SO HAPPY I decided to get on the horse again with weight control. I feel better knowing that I’m actually doing something about it! In case you missed it, I started a program 2 weeks before Christmas. Through the holiday season I slowly lost (which I am completely happy with) and have officially got back into the swing of things. I’ve been snorting Red Mango frozen yogurt like it’s going out of style and snacking on rice cakes and other bland wonders (which I happen to love). My kids like the BBQ version of what I eat, so sometimes I give it to them. They always ask me why I like to eat the one that tastes like nothing…. I’m like, “I don’t know? I just do!!” They are most certainly their father’s children. I am SO BORING when it comes to food.

Whatever works right?

I always started to CAP how many Starbucks I drink a week which I know is the main reason for the loss. Clothes are fitting the way they are supposed to be and all is right with the world.

I also lightened my hair last week at the salon and LOVE IT. I don’t know why I went so dark for so long. I guess everyone goes through a phase, but I personally feel so much better with lighter hair. It’s like something turns on inside of me when I have blonde hair. A happy switch? I don’t know – either way I’m feeling good.

The New Year is working out. Kids are thriving. Marriage is excellent. I’m actually reading books at night. Managing my expenses. Work is stimulating. In a good place.

Tell me something good – what’s going on with you?

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  1. Katherine wrote:

    Congrats on the weight loss! Great job! I am working on cutting back on the sugar and so far it’s going well!

    Posted 1.7.11
  2. Nadia wrote:

    That is wonderful about your weight loss, congrats Vera! I’m in the business of gaining weight these days and not minding one bit. Pregnancy gives me a good excuse ;).

    I just started reading again as well. Been too busy, which is sad because I love to read. Read through the entire Hunger Games trilogy in 3 days (finished the last one yesterday). Highly addictive! So sad its over though. In the middle of ‘The Help’ now.

    Posted 1.7.11
  3. NYCPatty wrote:

    How awesome! Congratulations! You can really notice 5 lbs! Good for you!

    Posted 1.7.11
  4. Very nice, Vera! I completed overhauled my grocery shopping, and I’m using the Wii Fit. Even though the stupid thing tells me I’ve gained. But I guess it’s a step in the right direction. So glad things are going your way. The New Year’s actually been handing me some positive things as well!

    Posted 1.8.11
  5. amy wrote:

    Congratulations! I have about 10 lbs to lose, so would love to know that plan you’re following.

    Posted 1.9.11
    • Vera wrote:

      Weight Watchers!!! 🙂 so easy and it works

      Posted 1.10.11

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