4 Great Weight Loss Tips For The New Year

If you are anything like me, you… didn’t hold back this holiday season. I’m talking sheer gluttony. I knew I would be paying for my activity this week, and I am prepared to hop right back on that wagon. If you are in need of some great weight loss tips for the New Year, I have four!

  1. Turn the TV off. Mindless eating is just that! You aren’t really processing that you are eating if you are on auto while watching your favorite show. Be sure to focus on what you are doing and enjoy every bite. I once went to a Buddhist temple and they told me to solely focus on what I was eating. That might mean concentrating on flavor, texture or even where the food came from.  Keep the focus on your meal.
  2. Portion out your plate, then put everything away. Don’t serve dinner like a buffet line. I (unfortunately) do this at times and I end up continuously grazing. Last night, I made spanish rice and kept refilling my plate because the pot was right in front of me. I noticed what I was doing and then got up mid-meal and packed all the leftovers away. If it isn’t in front of me, I can’t refill, right?
  3. Use smaller plates. I know you’ve heard this before but it’s true. We, as humans, are very VISUAL. If our smaller plate looks like it’s overflowing with food, it will trick our minds into believing we are eating more. Try it out and see for yourself!
  4. Consider throwing away the stretch pants. I just heard this tip last week and I nearly fell off my chair. When going to a holiday party don’t wear something that is roomy. Wear a belt and fitted pants. As you eat, the clothing will remind you when you over-indulge. Genius! Why not do the same thing while at home? Get dressed in something form fitting and watch how your body reacts when you eat more than you should. You will physically be made aware that you’ve consumed too much.

Do you have any weight loss tips? Would love to get some ‘new year’ guidance!

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    stretch pants are for sleeping in

    Posted 12.27.10
  2. Try to focus on your goals. There are a lot of options you can do to get an exercise. Change your attitude towards your workout. Are you sure you’re only lazy of going to your gym or lazy doing the whole exercise routine? If you really want to lose weight and want it bad enough you will find alternatives. Keep yourself motivated. That’s the key. And don’t hesitate to look for help

    Posted 12.28.10
  3. Joseph Dabon wrote:

    #4 is coping out. Why not hit the problem of weight where it really matters – the emotions.

    Posted 12.28.10
  4. amber gi wrote:

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