Omaha Steaks Review Plus A Giveaway You Just Have To Enter

I always love to receive my order from Omaha Steaks and so I wanted to do an Omaha Steaks review in case you were curious about what types of things one gets from a regular order.  My husband and I are absolute foodies. Sure, we love things that sparkle and shine. But give me something that sizzles any day of the week and I will be good to go. You want to make a girl happy? Cook her a great meal (and then do the dishes AMIRIGGHHTT???) LOL! Take a look at my Omaha Steaks review and enter for a chance to win a package of your own! This is a good one, folks.

Omaha Steaks Review Plus A Giveaway You Just Have To Enter

Omaha Steaks Unboxing and Omaha Steaks Review

Omaha Steaks Review Plus A Giveaway You Just Have To Enter

Here’s what I love about being an Omaha Steaks customer. Not only is the process convenient, but the products are TIMELY. Yes, you are always going to receive TOP quality meats, sides, and desserts. That should go without being said. Omaha Steaks is over 100 years old and they pride themselves on being America’s Original Butcher. That means they want to give you the best cuts – the ones that they bring home to their own kids! But I want to talk to you about the holidays – because that’s where we are. If you take anything away from this Omaha Steaks review – start with THAT. 

Thanksgiving is a few days away and if you go to Omaha Steaks right NOW you will find a TON of packages that will HELP YOU HOST your family and friends with ease. They know what is going on and they want to lighten the burden. I love this! Order your entire Thanksgiving meal ahead of time and then spend your entire party mingling with guests. Same for Christmas or Chanukah or any other beautiful day you celebrate. 

Don’t really want to think about the holidays because grandma still has you covered? No problem. How about any given Sunday? Think ahead and schedule out your meals. One pan skillet dishes, slow cooker ideas, prime meat cuts, hams and turkeys – you name it. Packages that include everything you need: protein, starch, vegetable, and dessert. They have those, too! Omaha Steaks has become a staple in my house and I am so thankful for it! I think the main GOAL of this Omaha Steaks review is to get you to REALIZE that this brand is not only about red meat. 

Enter to Win An Omaha Steaks Package Of Your Own

Now that I am all done with my Omaha Steaks review, I want you to try to win a package of your own. Use the form below to enter to win one of their most popular sets – The Tasteful Gift. It retails for $69.99 and is their key package for this holiday.

What will you receive as part of The Tasteful Gift package?

  • Filet Mignons – 5 oz.  |  2 count
  • Top Sirloins – 5 oz.  |  2 count
  • Boneless Pork Chops – 4 oz.  |  2 count
  • Potatoes au Gratin – 2.88 oz.  |  4 count
  • Caramel Apple Tartlets – 4 oz.  |  4 count
  • Signature Seasoning Packet – 0.33 oz.  |  1 count

I mean – can you stand it? Use the form below to enter!! Contest will stay live for 2 weeks. Best of luck!

Omaha Steaks – The Tasteful Gift Giveaway

Omaha Steaks hotdogs and hamburgers

This post was written in paid partnership with Omaha Steaks.

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  1. I’d really love to try the Filet Mignons!! look so good, I’m drooling here.

  2. Thats cheesecake looks amazing mouth watering i need it in my life!!

  3. We would love to try the Beef strip loin steak . My husband loves this cut.

  4. Yes, would love to try the filet mignon. My husband has several heart condition and he is allowed to have filet mignon and loin also.

  5. It has been over 10 years since I have had filet mignon so would love to try these.

  6. I would love to try the beef tenderloin. it has been a long time since I had steak.

  7. I want to try the filet mignons!! I’ve never had Omaha, but I’ve been wanting to try them.

  8. I eat a Tenderloin steaks but i never have tried Filet Mignon steaks before

  9. The top sirloins cooked Bourbon Street style! [This would be a perfect addition to the new grill that I just got for my husband!

  10. Haha, I want to try those massive beef franks, and they ARE beautiful…not weird at all in my book.

  11. (I feel bad for not saying a steak, but….) I’d love to try the cheesecake!

  12. the top sirloins sounds amazing but then again they all do big steak lover here

  13. I would also love to try the Beef strip loin steak which I have never had the opportunity to try.

  14. Love Omaha Steaks! The filet mignon is really good! Would love to try the pork chops.

  15. I’ve never been able to eat “luxurious” so i would love to try Filet Mignon

  16. The beef lion strips look delicious. The cheesecake sampler would also be a big hit .

  17. I would like to try their 1-Step Rapid Roast Individual Beef Wellington.

  18. I’d love to try the filet mignon! It’s hard to choose so many great options.

  19. Oh MY GOSH! I am starving now!! I would love to try the Filet Mignon and of course the Beef Tenderlion steaks YUMMMMMMM!

  20. I don’t think there is an item I wouldn’t like to try from the box but I haven’t had steak in a while so I would make the beef strip loin steak first and then cheesecake:)

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