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    Commonly Misspelled Words: How Many Can You Spell Correctly?

    Commonly Misspelled Words. The bane of my existence. Hey! Just being honest!! But you know what? Writing this post gives me the giggles because it’s all just so sad! I hate to admit that even though I am a writer, there are so many words that I cannot spell when left to my own devices. Thank GOODNESS for Grammarly! That tool is a life saver. I asked my Facebook friends what words they have trouble spelling and guess what? I couldn’t spell ANY of them correctly on my own. EEK! After our quick online chat, I thought that I’d place the list of commonly misspelled words in one places so you can see how you’d do against the grouping. This isn’t an official list by any means.

    Commonly Misspelled Words: How Many Can You Spell Correctly?

    This is not a joke. Literally, every single one of these words is on my “do not fly” list. Please tell me that these commonly misspelled words are hard for you as well! PLEASE!

    1. accommodations
    2. occasion
    3. definitely
    4. convenience
    5. commitment
    6. restaurant
    7. millennial
    8. courtesy
    9. maintenance
    10. inconvenience
    11. vacuum
    12. license
    13. engagement
    14. cannoli
    15. broccoli
    16. existence
    17. regimen
    18. necessary

    Ok, if I am being honest, out of all of these commonly misspelled words … I got three RIGHT. License, broccoli, and vacuum are not an issue for me. But the rest? Oy vey! I can’t handle it.

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