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Family Photo Shoot At Home With Francesca Russell

In December, JOHNSON’S surprised me with a family photo shoot with renowned lifestyle photographer Francesca Russell. I was so excited about the opportunity because my family has never taken pictures together before. Can you believe it? Sure, we’ve done a million selfies… but never anything under a professional setting. I do a lot of photoshoots for work…  but never hired anyone to capture truly personal moments at home. The thought of doing something like this with a photojournalistic approach was so very appealing to me. I couldn’t say YES fast enough!

And so, the time arrived! Francesa Russell came to my home and told us to basically ignore her. She stayed for several hours. In that time, we did what all families do. We ate together, played board games, watched movies and just loved on one another. It was such a fun day! When Francesca left, I wasn’t sure how it was all going to turn out because I really didn’t put any effort into the shots. We live in such a day and age of perfection, I was so nervous that everything was going to be so… natural. She reassured me and went home to edit.

Well, I am floored. Everything is beyond beautiful. I cannot thank JOHNSON’S enough for offering up this opportunity. We now have a beautiful album to cherish forever and I am absolutely going to get a few of these shots printed for our walls.

Here is a look at some of my favorite moments:

I have so many more to share – but in due time!

Thank you again to JOHNSON’S and to Francesca Russell for this precious gift that I will forever cherish.

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