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    Still Haven’t Read ‘Crushing It’ And Here’s Why

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    As soon as I heard that Gary Vee was coming out with a new book, I knew that I wanted to support him. He’s a huge motivator in my industry and I absolutely love to listen to his videos while I am working. That’s something important to note. I listen to Gary while I’m  working on my business plan. I let his YouTube videos run while I am writing, editing, or photographing work for Lady and the Blog.

    The book has been in my house for several days now and I haven’t even unwrapped it yet! I want to – I really do. But one thing is holding me back… I’m too busy crushing it.

    I run several masterminds, oversee an entrepreneur group of over 3,000 professionals, am the sole editor of Lady and the Blog and … a mom of three.  Not to mention the fact that I am attempting to launch a new YouTube career. Sure, I’ve had my account for over 10 years but I never really put too much effort into it. This month … something changed. So, add YouTuber to my mix!

    When I find a minute,  I will unwrap the book and read it. But I have a feeling that Gary is going to tell me to stop sitting on my rear, to start hustling, and to document everything that I do. Check. Check. Check.

    Vera Sweeney, mom, blogger, social media influencer and New York resident, is the founder of She is considered one of the top female digital influencers in today’s social media space. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, food, family and travel.