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HQ Trivia Game: Free Life Code

Do you play the HQ Trivia Game? Because I do and I cannot STAPH!!!! If you’d like to enter for a chance to win real money, download the app in the APP store right now. Twice a day – 3PM est and 9PM est – around a million people log on together and try to answer random trivia questions for real money

You can’t even prepare for this quiz because the topics are from all over the charts. One question is about saliva and the next is about the ruler of a foreign country. WHAT? You can’t possibly know it all. That’s why I like to play with all my family nearby. Of course, we all end up screaming at one another at the end of it all. LOL! Isn’t that the way? 🙂

HQ Trivia Game: Free Life Code

Use code verasweeney once you are signed in and get a free life!! You will get one and I will get one.

Video Of My Family Playing The HQ Trivia Game

Here’s a video showing everyone playing together. It’s my everything! No matter where I am… I stop, drop, and enter.

I suppose I should apologize in advance for introducing you to a new habit.

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