Early Man Is In Theaters Friday, February 16th! (plus giveaway)

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About the Movie

Family movie night, anyone??? You know you don’t have to ask me twice! LOL, I love it and so does my family! It’s a passion, a real love, and just something we truly enjoy…and EARLY MAN looks right up our ally! Fun, humor, adventure, great animation. It pretty much checks all the boxes for us! I really think we will go and see this movie on the 16th…it’s Caleb’s birthday, it’s perfect timing!!

Set at the dawn of time, when dinosaurs and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, EARLY MAN tells the story of how one brave caveman unites his tribe against a mighty enemy and saves the day!

Sounds good to me, plus the movie comes from the creators of Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit! Those movies were so much fun, so now it’s time for the next epic adventure for the ages.

Activity Book Fun

Building, coloring, reading. I love it, the kids love it, and I love that that not having a screen in front of their faces can still be a truly fun time. Who doesn’t love a good activity book, anyway??? No one, so please be sure to  click here to download this FREE Early Man Activity Book!

It’s epic – maybe for you just as much as for the kids.

Check Out The Trailer

I know the movie sounds great, but I think you need to really check out a little bit to see what I’m talking about!! Click here or below to check out the trailer:

Feeling Lucky

Are you as excited as I am to see this really fun, cute movie? I bet you are. If you aren’t, then I think I rally know to get you ready to go!!! How do you feel about winning some awesome swag? SWAG is for me! Let’s celebrate the release of this movie the right way!!! One (1) lucky winner* will receive:

  • $50 Visa gift card to see the film in theaters
  •  T-Shirt
  • Soccer Ball

Early Man Prize Pack ($50 Visa card and more)

Check Out Even More!!

So much good stuff, I know. But, I think you need more, right? I know you do actually. So, here we go! Let’s find out even more about this flick!!! See below for more!

On February 16 (this Friday), catch Dug and the gang in Early Man!!!

*Open to US mailing addresses only.

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  1. I do, I like when all 5 of my kids are home and we have movie night together with snacks and soda’s.

  2. This is going to be such a great movie! I’m a huge fan of this animation style and the writing, as well. I LOVED Chicken Run, so I know I’ll love this one, too.

  3. That is a great giveaway! My kids would love the soccer ball, and who wouldn’t like a $50 gift card? I know the kids are excited to see Early Man!

  4. I like enjoying the sad parts of the movie, and the funny parts. Experiencing the movie with the family is nice

  5. Early Man looks like it is going to be a great family film. I am always up for a good animated film and this one is definitely going on my must see list!

  6. I love family movie night! I love cuddling on the couch and laughing together at a good movie.

  7. I love making tons of treats and watching new releases together for family movie night.

  8. I like that our extended family comes over for a pot luck and movies. Seeing everyone is fun.

  9. I think this would be a really good movie to watch with the kids! I love the concept. It will really give the kids a grasp of how life was like in prehistoric times.

  10. My granddaughter has been bugging me to no end to take her to see this movie. I will, this week. I am going to download the activity book to keep her busy until the day I take her to watch Early Man.

  11. I didnt know this came out this weekend. I think this is an interesting movie hope the kids will like it.

  12. I love family movie night because we are all together making memories.xxoo

  13. I have never actually had a family movie night (unless you count me and my fur baby watching TV as a family movie night). Having said that, it’s important to get involved in your kids media lives -– and the kids love it too (within reason!).

  14. I love crushed ice sprite and popcorn while having a movie night with my family 🙂

  15. I love spending some time with my family during family movie night, we snuggle and share a good laugh.

  16. I love family movie nights. I like that its something we can all share in together.

  17. I love the time spent with my family and enjoy appropriate and educational movies.

  18. I love family movie night with my 6 kiddos! Unfortunately, as they get older, it’s harder to get everyone together. But we do our best!

  19. I love the quality family time. We run around too much, nice to relax and laugh.

  20. We love to set aside our Saturdays for family movie or game night. It’s nice to spend time together.

  21. Just the other night (school night) I decided to do dinner and movie. My son plays hockey so weekends sometimes are not ideal. I think the surprise is what makes it fun at our home.

  22. I love we get to munch on our favorite food, while laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

  23. I love it. My son loves it. It is a time where my son can pick a movie and we can watch together. It is usually him and I after my youngest goes to bed.

  24. It’s nice to just spend time together like I’ve send in previous posts.

  25. It’s just always so nice to be together especially since we are just laying back and relaxing.

  26. We love movie nights and popcorn It’s great spending time as a family!

  27. We have family game night with a movie afterwards every Friday! It is a great time to relax together and talk about our hectic week!

  28. I love family movie night! It’s a fun might, we are all together, enjoying snacks and just hanging out!

  29. Love movie night. We do it on spontaneous occasions. We usually will get a redbox or nexflix and eat dinner in front of the tv which is usually a big no, no here. My kids love it and my older son looks forward to doing them.

  30. I’m really looking forward to doing family movie nights when my toddler is old enough to sit through one!

  31. I do love family night. Just the fact of being with them and spending time is the most important to me!

  32. I absolutely love movie night. it is a chance to spend time with my daughter. I love introducing her to films I loved and I also love watching new movies i know we will both enjoy.

  33. We love great snacks and wonderful movies to watch together makes it so fun.

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