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    Have A Healthier Valentine’s Day With GoGo squeeZ

    Written in partnership with GoGo squeeZ

    Valentine’s Day is always a really fun day to celebrate with the kids. When it was just me and my husband, it would be all about snagging the best restaurant reservation in NYC. Now, things have completely changed. It’s more about getting crafty with the kids and creating lasting memories for years to come. Sure, don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t mind a small box with something shiny inside…but you and I know that this holiday means so much more than THAT.

    The celebration lasts all month long too, right? We start to bring out the fun decorations and fill our house with festive pinks and reds. We start to get creative with our snack ideas and even begin to dress differently. It’s all about the mood! Out of all of my three children, I think Caleb gets the most excited. Perhaps it’s because they still celebrate Valentine’s Day in school. Who can say no to a classroom party? No one – that’s who!!

    This year, I thought it would be fun to decorate a few GoGo squeeZ pouches to hand out to his friends in school. There are two options online – you can print out colored options or black and white versions and allow your little ones to get creative on their own. I am sure that there will be plenty of candy distributed throughout the day amongst his friends. So, we want to do our part to bring in some healthier options.

    We chose to decorate three of our favorite GoGo squeeZ flavors! Click below for individual product and nutritional info:

    Print your Valentine’s Day Pouch Covers Here:

    You can print your GoGo Pouch Covers HERE.  I love all the different color combinations and the fact that they are pretty much all gender neutral. Caleb won’t have to think about anything as he walks around the classroom while handing out his presents.

    As you know, GoGo squeeZ® applesauce pouches are:

    • 100% Fruit
    • All-Natural
    • No Spoon, No Mess!
    • Kosher-Certified
    • Fridge-free

    This makes them the perfect addition to any holiday gathering.

    What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you do anything special with the family? Is there a date night in the future for you and your significant other? Would love to hear!

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    1. I am all about cutting out all the sugar kids consume! This is a much better. Especially since all these sweets were present around the holidays.

    2. My preschooler is obsessed with her Go Go Squeez pouches. Those are going to be amazing valentines for her friends.

    3. Those Squeez snacks are so popular with kids nowadays and I don’t blame them! They seem tasty and also, healthy – total win-win!

    4. Such a cute idea! I need to find so Gogo squeez. I bet my four year olds class would really enjoy these!

    5. Cool idea! It may just seem like a little effort on our part to make those pouch covers but to a child, that means so much!

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