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Essie Nail Polish – Marshmallow: Today’s Obsession

Essie Nail Polish – Marshmallow

The weather is finally turning. Ok, it’s not. I’m just pretending because I don’t want it to snow anymore. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been wearing brighter colors – ones that you would typically reach for during the spring. Well, it’s all by design. Bright yellow makes me feel warm. Bold blue makes me think of clear skies. This rule of thumb has started to trickle down to my nail polish selections. No more black and maroon! No more midnight blue! Oh no – my winter woes are behind me.

This week, I’ve started to think like we’re already in April and May. Bring out the light colors!! Show me your pinks and yellows and pale beige hues. Better yet, let’s go all the way and opt for Essie Marshmallow during our next manicure appointment. You know it’s one of my favorite colors for summer. White on nails always pops! If you have a tan, it makes you look tanner. I love it!!!

So, I’m ready. I know those California girls haven’t stopped wearing off-white on their nails. They are so lucky when it comes to weather! All year long it’s rocking!! Well, east coasters need to make a quick adjustment and rethink our color strategy. Go bright. Go light. And don’t forget to add a little sparker.

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