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    7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Medieval Times Dinner And Live Show PLUS Ticket Giveaway!

    Last night, we attended the Medieval Times Dinner and Live Show in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. I can still hear the crowds cheering for their favorite knights. It is always such a blast when we take the kids because they all really get into it. In fact, my mother told all of us that for her birthday, she wants to head to the Medieval Times Dinner and Live Show too! HA! Can you stand it??! She wants in on the action. Well, we can’t wait for May to arrive, because as soon as we leave… my family is ready to make reservations for our next adventure.

    medieval times show

    If you’ve never been to the Medieval Times Dinner and Live Show, I wanted to give you a heads up about what to expect. I was a teacher many moons ago and my school used to visit this location once a year. I feel like I could be an official tour guide at this point. Hand me a microphone and let’s get this party started!

    7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Medieval Times Dinner And Live Show

    The food is totally amazing. You think I am exaggerating, but I am not. Whatever seasoning they put on the chicken and roasted potato brings me LIFE. It is delicious. And look at the portions!! You will not leave this show hungry. I mean… WOW!

    Speaking of food, there are no utensils. As soon as you walk through the doors, you and your family will be transported through time and back a few hundred years. When your dinner arrives, you will be slurping soup and ripping apart your meat with your bare fingers. Honestly, it’s so FUN. We are all so civilized these days! AMMMMIIIIRRRRIIIGGGHHHTTTT?

    Every seat is a good seat – so don’t worry about where they place you. The stadium seating works to everyone’s advantage. I’ve been all over the place and have never felt disappointed. I appreciate the layout for sure.

    You never know what color knight is going to win. Last time I went, the blue knight won. However, last night, Red/Yellow won. It’s always up for grabs. There are no guarantees. So, don’t worry about asking to be seated somewhere specific. You won’t ever know who the champion will be until the very end of the show.

    Looking for a little more anarchy? For $2 more a person, you can visit the Medieval Times Dinner and Live Show dungeon. Truth be told, I’ve never seen the dungeon, but I am always intrigued by it! Just wanted you to know about the option.

    People come dressed up. So, if you want to get weird… go ahead and do it! There were grown men in full costumes which was super cool to see. But the most adorable attendees are always the little princesses. If you have a little girl, put her in her favorite princess costume! She will fit right in. If you don’t have anything that would work, there are plenty of things to buy at the gift shop. We walked away with more swords and shields to last a lifetime. 

    It’s ok to root for the bad guy. Leave your morals at the door, my friends! Our black/white knight ended up being the villain in last night’s story. But you know what? That didn’t stop us from screaming at the top of our lungs to support him. We were joined by our entire section. It doesn’t have to make sense – it’s all for a good time.

    Onto The Giveaway!

    If you’d like to win 4 tickets to the Lyndhurst location in New Jersey, fill out the form below. Winner will be selected in one week.

    Good luck!

    4 Tickets To Medieval Times Dinner And Live Show

    *Medieval Times Dinner And Live Show hosted my family in exchange for this review

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    1. This place is so much fun! We just took the whole family for my daughter’s 10th bday and the best part was watching my mother-in-law flip out and cheer! I need to bring the whole family back again.

    2. I would take my husband and mother-in-law. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.

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