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    Friends, Sushi, And A Love Affair With NYC

    This week, I had to head into the city for a few appointments. Audrey and I scheduled three meetings and sprinkled in some fun along the way. We met up with several girlfriends that live all over the country but who all happened to be in Manhattan for business. One was doing a Today Show segment while the others were busy working behind the scenes on a huge Amazon initiative.

    My circle runs pretty wide which can sometimes be hard. Of course, I have a lot of really great friends in my small town. But I know a ton of inspirational women that I love to keep up with and they literally live all over the globe. Last year, when the family went to Spain, we were set to have drinks with an old pal of mine but our plans were derailed after the Barcelona terrorist attack. They are everywhere – seeded and waiting. Building brands and raising babies. It’s such a beautiful thing. I am proud to know them all.

    No matter where I go, I’ll always find someone to break bread with and I just love that. I’m very lucky because most of my friends always have to end up coming to NY for one reason or the next which makes it very easy for me to connect!!  We actually had one more girl in town last night but she couldn’t make it to dinner because she was meeting up with her old college roommate. Next time!

    Through our conversations, we had a ton of laughs… but also learned a thing or two. I love to hear about what other people are doing and what is working for them. It inspires me. It puts a fire in my belly. It motivates me to think bigger. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    So, between the hustle and bustle of those NYC streets, the great conversations I had with my friends, and the energy I now feel after marinading in it all, I’d say my overnighter was time well spent.

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