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    20 Snow Games Your Kids Can Play This Winter

    It’s all about snow games, right? It is snowing hard right now and my kids are playing in our backyard having a ton of fun. They are snow games pros! They each have their own list of ideas about what to do when the temperature gets cold. If your kids are looking for a little inspiration, here’s 20 snow games just perfect for the winter. Most of these snow games are colder versions of backyard favorites. They will get the hang of it once you show them the complete list!

    20 Snow Games Your Kids Can Play This Winter

    1. Make snow angels
    2. Go tubing
    3. Create a snow maze
    4. Snow graffiti – bring food coloring and have some fun with water bottles
    5. Build a snowman
    6. Freeze tag (get it)
    7. Use your muffin tins and make snow molds
    8. Dodgeball
    9. Snowman fashion show – bring clothes out and design your best look
    10. Pin the carrot on the snowman
    11. Snow relay races (harder than you think)
    12. Build an igloo
    13. Tug of war – losers fall in the snow
    14. Have a snowball fight
    15. Blow bubbles and see if they freeze
    16. Snowball throwing contest
    17. Tackle Football
    18. Try to only step in one another’s footsteps. Follow the leader
    19. Help a neighbor out and shovel their driveway (not a game but it’s really nice)
    20. Play snow hopscotch

    Do you have any snow games you’d like to add? Would love to hear! We always love to make snowmen and igloos. I feel like those two options are always the first and second things we do once it becomes a winter wonderland. However, adding new snow game options is always welcome.

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