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    ASOS Mix & Match Tailored Clean Culotte: Today’s Obsession

    I thought long and hard about what kind of web series I wanted to add to my blog now that it’s 2018. I didn’t want to commit to something that I couldn’t handle. There’s no way I could post 365 outfits or 365 travel tips. I mean…I could, but I would lose a lot of joy along the way. I don’t want to STRESS out every morning because then work starts feeling like work… ya KNOW? Instead, I decided to bring back a category that I used to frequent when I first started writing this personal blog. Today’s Obsession!!! It’s a great way for me to tell you about one hot item each day of the week (excluding weekends) and go into detail about why I like it.

    So, for January 1st, my pick is simple. Say hello to these ASOS Mix & Match Tailored Clean Culotte pants in red.  Right off the bat, I want to say that this style does NOT work on everyone’s body frame. I wouldn’t be able to pull off this look because my hips are wider than any other body part I have. But that isn’t going to stop me from sharing them because they are UBER CUTE!!!  I even love how they’ve styled this look with a simple, black shirt. Perfection.

    The best part? These pants retail for under $40! Total score. Grab a pair today and keep them in stock for whenever you need a put together look.

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