My 2018 Business Goals

There truly is an advantage to slowing down. During the holidays, everybody that I work with simply shuts down which actually forces me to take a bit of a break. The downtime has given me a bit of freedom! I’ve had the chance to think about what I want to do next year professionally and I am so PUMPED about it.

This discussion was prompted in ‘Permission to Hustle’ – the entrepreneur group I started with my partner, Audrey McClelland.  After some hard conversations with myself, I’ve come up with several bullets that I feel will act as my targets for the upcoming year.

Freedom of time is a powerful gift. There were no deadlines this past week and the fresh air I was able to breathe brought on true clarity. I’m writing this post as a checkpoint for next December. I want to be able to go back and look at what I promised myself and see how many of these line items I  actually accomplished.

My Business Goals Outline

  1. Create a full-blown budget with my husband, Bill: We are hoping to save an insane amount of money in 2018 and the only way we can do that is with intent.  We plan on cutting costs personally and professionally. That means we have to actually have a FIRM GRASP on what we spend each and every day. This will take EFFORT. But I am willing to do it. We started this today.
  2. New website design: I  found the template that I want to use. Bill just needs to install it. We tried once and it crashed our system which makes me nervous. Going to try one more time and if we get the same results, I will just pick a new template. The point of the change is to promote other things I do outside of the blog. Not necessarily help promote a pageview increase. Though I wouldn’t complain! 
  3. Focus on newsletter growth: This is going to be huge for me.  I deleted my entire list last week. Sorry if you were on it. I want to start new and FRESH!! The new template design I chose for the blog really pushes for my readers to join my newsletter. PS – if you want to get a jumpstart on that click here.
  4. Instagram everything: This isn’t an understatement.  I am planning on using stories all day long and using location and hashtags on every single one of them. I will make it very easy for new people to find me.
  5. Contests once a month of Instagram: I just did a contest on Instagram and saw a significant increase – like a SPIKE – in my followers. They are all watching my stories too. I used to get 300 views and now I get somewhere around 1200 at times. It really made a difference for me. While it is expensive to participate in contests, I think it just has to become part of my strategy if I want to truly play in that arena. Now, I spend a lot of time looking for loops and analyzing who takes part in them and all the big accounts do.
  6. Quality contest on LATB: The visuals on my blog are going to go WAY UP. I am also most likely going to start leaning a bit harder on Fashion and Beauty – which I love to do anyway. This will make it easy for me to reuse content on all social media. If I do an outfit post on LATB, I will have a picture for my Instagram account. Plain and simple. Trying to work smarter and create prettier content.
  7. Less focus on YouTube: I cannot be all things. Any video work I do will probably be for Instagram – short and sweet segments. I will never be a YouTuber and I just have to face that. Daily uploads aren’t a reasonable request for me at this time.
  8. Facebook Lives daily with Audrey: This is our BIG push for 2018!! We already started doing Lives in 2017, but they were sporadic. Now we are going full force and are committing to 365 of them!! Look out because we already started!! Check out the ones we’ve done to date and please follow our Audrey and Vera page on Facebook to stay on top of our new content releases.
  9. More LIVE events including the Permission to Hustle Retreat: Again, I’ve spoken about this in our FB group, but we hardly hosted any events in 2017. That won’t repeat in 2018. We are going to accept requests again and start getting out there. We LOVE putting on events. We just took some time off to be with our families and reset. We both are ready to dive right back in.
  10. Courses quarterly: Audrey and I want to come out with courses for entrepreneurs at least once a quarter. I believe this is possible and am excited about the opportunity!
  11. Use Long Island more as a backdrop for photos: I plan on not just taking fashion photos outside my house anymore. I’m ready to get in the car and drive to someplace beautiful. As a NYC native, it’s been hard for me to accept that I’ve officially moved to Long Island. But this year, I’ve truly settled in and am ready to embrace all that it offers. Can’t wait to show you all of Long Island.

This is it! The highlights for 2018. I love what I do and cannot wait to take it all to the next level. Do you write out business goals every year? Would love to hear some ideas that you have for your future.

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