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    Twitter Party Alert: TONIGHT 8PM EST With @beeandyou #BeeYou

    So excited to announce that Audrey McClelland and I are hosting a Twitter Party for Bee & You! If you haven’t heard about the health benefits of Propolis, you need to come TONIGHT. Every mom is looking for ways to boost their family’s immunity systems. Here’s an all-natural way to do just that!


    Here are the details you need to get involved:

    Time – 8PM EST 12/6

    Hashtag – #BeeYou

    Hosts –  @AudreyMcClellan @VeraSweeney

    Brand: @BeeAndYou


    Let’s talk a little bit about how this company got started.

    Food Scientist (MSc.), Asli Elif Tanugur had a son who kept getting fevers that wouldn’t respond kindly to antibiotics.  Each time, the doctors prescribed antibiotics, he would develop an allergy to the antibiotics. Crazy, right? She desperately knocked the door of many doctors to find a solution to this problem. Finally, a physician told her that the only cure is to improve his immune system.  So she started looking for natural ways of improving his immune system. Propolis and royal jelly kept coming up in her research.  But, propolis is not edible in its raw form. So she developed the extraction process in her lab and she started giving this propolis extract to her son.

    The result was amazing. She was giving him the propolis extract alone and also as mixture with honey and royal jelly every day.

    As a result, her son had not become sick for months!!!!

    Based on this experience, she decided to produce Bee and You branded propolis as a natural immune enhancer for all the children and mothers who had similar problems.


    The Bee and You brand won the Women Entrepreneur of the Year (2016) from the Women Entrepreneurs Association. YESSSS!!! Love to support women-run businesses. 

    So, will we see you tonight at 8PM EST?

    * this is a sponsored post

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    1. Twitter parties can be fun! I’m finding myself so involved this time of year with getting ready for the holidays, but I’ll try to attend! I’m interested in learning more about these products!

    2. What a great item for a twitter party! I love quality bee products, their health benefits are remarkable and not talked about often enough!

    3. My oldest called in sick to school today because she’s under the weather. Need to be there tonight to figure out what more we can do to stay healthy.

    4. I love a good Twitter party. This one sounds like a great way to learn more about an interesting product.

    5. Bee propolis Honey has been around for a long time and its health benefits are awesome. I always try to include honey in my dishes whenever I can. The Twitter party must have been a huge success!

    6. There’s so much that honey can do and it’s definitely awesome to get the chance to learn more about it and this brand! I’m sure the twitter party will be packed with parents who are eager to learn about their child’s health and would love to try this brand!

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