Teaching Your Children To Read With Square Panda

As a mom of three, I’ve been through it all. There was the diaper stage, the crawling stage, the solid food stage and more! One of my favorite parts of being a mom is getting to see the world for the very first time again through your baby’s eyes. Such joy in exploration! Truth be told, it never gets old. Caleb – who is four years old and in nursery school – is currently learning his alphabet and how to spell his name. When he comes home from school, he tries to sound out whatever he can see.


Of course, it usually coincides with his most recent lesson. But BOY what a treat it is for me to see my little one growing. In order to help him along with his adventure,  we introduced Caleb to Square Panda which is a phonics playset that works on your tablet.

There are so many different apps that you can play on Square Panda and you can leave the choice up to your child. I simply downloaded the options into a folder just for him and watch as my son chooses where he wants to go.

The Square Panda learning activities are masked as games. Caleb has no idea that we are working on his education because he is too busy trying to save flying cows or the vegetables growing on his farm. Every activity starts off asking your child to find a letter. Simple enough. Find the letter W. It took a few times for Caleb to get a hang of Square Panda, but after just a few minutes, he was off to races on his own.

The vowels are yellow and the consonants are purple which helps my son sort through the lot quicker. He truly gets a kick out of the whole process!!! Honestly, I love that we are helping him understand the alphabet at such an early age. The earlier the better, right? We read books and sing songs, but Square Panda really adds just the right amount of fun to keep the learning going on longer.

After just a short amount of time, I have noticed a true difference in his letter recognition.

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  1. That would be a really cool gift to give my niece. She is right at the age of wanting to learn this and I love how educational it is. I might get this for her for Christmas.

  2. This looks like something I could have used when my kids were younger. Of course, they didn’t have apps back then :), but this looks great.

  3. This looks like such an amazing tool to help learn to read. I wish they would have had some things like this when I was younger.

  4. This is a great product. So wish I had this around when my kids were younger. I am passing this one to my sister in law for my nephew to use.

  5. This is so cool! I’ve never seen Square Panda before. I might need to pick this up for my son as a Christmas gift.

  6. This is cool. I’ve never seen Square Panda before. It would be a perfect Christmas gift for my little cousins who are just learning to read!

  7. I would share this with my grandchildren. Phonics is what encouraged my kids to really enjoy reading. Unfortunately , we moved with an infant and he grew up with the school system discouraging phonics – we tried to keep it going at home, but he has never enjoyed reading; school was hard and he looks back and wishes he did more with phonics as his siblings. Thanks for this chance to win.

  8. My daughter Violet is 5 and in kindergarten and is just learning to read, my son who is 3 is learning alot along with her so I would give this to both of my kids! We’d have lots of fun with it!

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