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    Something To Remember For The Holidays

    I came across this amazing video on Facebook this morning and I just had to post it.  A Christmas video that wasn’t about last-minute sales or competitive cousins. The main message is just about remaining thankful, grateful and aware. The only reason why I watched this piece from a local Charlotte church was that it received so many views. I believe it was up to 6 million by the time it came across my stream.

    That intrigued me.

    What the Forest Hill’s creative team did was something really special. Oddly enough, I wrote something pretty similar to their idea just yesterday – but with my own spin. I think it is a message that I need to hear and maybe you do too.

    You have everything you need already. It’s all right in front of you and it always has been.

    So thankful for this clip, right?! Spread the word and remember to look up and see everything you already have.

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