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    The Only Baby Health Book You Will Need from Little Remedies @littleremedies

    When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, it was a daunting experience. One of the first things I did was go shopping for a book to read. All the books on the shelves were massive. I picked up a huge book and proceeded to carry it around every day for the next couple months, trying to read it in between being pregnant and living life. It was a ton of information…almost too much for one person to process in such a short space of time. So when I found out that Little Remedies developed a book that promised to not be overwhelming for new moms, I was into it. A Little More Wisdom is everything you need to know about your baby’s health and wellness from Day 1…and it’s short, sweet and to the point. It’s less than 1/10 the width of most other baby books and still full of the same valuable information. Here are 6 reasons this is THE only book for new moms:

    1. It’s short. It’s SHORT! At 47 pages, this book is concise and to the point. Learning how to be a mom is mostly about just doing it but it’s helpful to have some information to feel more prepared. In between re-structuring work, getting emotionally prepared to be a mom, morning sickness, gaining 60 lbs and so much more about being pregnant, a massive book was the last thing I needed to digest. A Little More Wisdom is the perfect size for in-between reading.
    2. It’s approachable and easy-to-read. With color-coded sections and great illustrations, A Little More Wisdom is so easy on the eyes. It’s divided into sections like “Keep Baby Calm and Carry On”, “Treat Baby’s Cold With TLC”, “Help Your Baby Sleep Like A Baby” and “Keep Your Cool When Baby’s Temperature Is Up”. There are less than 20 chapters so you don’t need to wade through a ton of information to get exactly what you need to know when you’re in a crisis.
    3. There are quotes from real moms in the book. And the short kind, not long ones from moms who seem camera-ready right out of the delivery room. For example, Nori, a mom from Washington, DC says, “If my baby has a fever, I find that dressing her in one layer of clothing is enough. Double layers or more clothing can increase her body temperature.”
    4. This book was co-written with Dr. Sue, Little Remedies resident pediatrician and she drops little nuggets of truth throughout the book in language that’s easy to understand. I met her at the launch event for the book and asked her the ever-burning question of how to get my toddler to sleep. She’s one of those pediatricians who are both knowledgeable and open to learning more.
    5. There’s a section for your own notes at the end. I love this because random questions pop into my head all the time that I need to ask my son’s pediatrician but I usually forget them by the next appointment. This book is a great purse accompaniment so it’s perfect for jotting down notes when you’re on the go.
    6. It’s a great baby shower gift and is also available for download.


    Little Remedies is known for being the experts and go-to support for new moms. This book is exactly that. Click here to learn more about Little Remedies and follow them on Twitter for their latest.

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