Halloween Holly: Santa’s Helper! What To Do With All That Extra Candy

I live in a town that has something that I like to call the “Halloween Factor.” It’s actually one of the main reasons why we moved to Garden City. We happened to be looking in the Fall while we house hunted many moons ago. You almost couldn’t DRIVE through the blocks on Halloween. Just a sea of children! It was amazing. Truly such a joy to witness. Now, many years later, my children are part of that sea. But we all know that the sea comes with pounds and pounds of candy – because every house is ready and waiting for their doorbells to ring. I’m certainly part of that crowd and loving it!!

I let the kids eat their candy too – for weeks! I’m not a Scrooge. Don’t get me wrong. But there comes a point in November when we look at each other and say, “Ok, that’s enough” and call it a day. I used to say that the Halloween Witch would come – to steal the candy in the night. Pretty scary if I think about it. LOL! Especially to my 4-year-old. But it was the only way I could think to get rid of all the excess sugar. Well, with no more!! There’s a new lady in town and her name is Halloween Holly and guess what? She is Santa’s helper!!

Halloween Holly

Halloween Holly is an elf who collects all the extra Halloween candy that you can’t deal with anymore. BLISS! Where has she been all these years?? The candy doesn’t go to waste either. She brings it back to the North Pole to help energize Santa’s elves. They have a big quarter four and need all the sugar they can get. LOL! Take it Holly! TAKE IT!!

Your children will not be upset about handing over some treats to Santa’s elves. After all, they are the ones that are making all the toys for Christmas!

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