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    Never Forget September 11th 2001

    Thank God I did this video last year on 9/11, because I don’t have the strength to tell this story again. I feel like it is important to tell on the 9/11 anniversary though because people need to remember. And the young children who weren’t around at the time, well, they need to learn our history. Never Forget September 11th.

    It’s funny because I woke up ready to write a long article about how the media took it too far this year with the IRMA coverage — putting all those reporters’ lives at risk in order for the general public to satisfy their need for information. I mean some of the imagery was suicidal! But as long as the networks’ ratings were in tact, right? I was horrified. Woke up ready to be set on fire! Turned on the news to see where Irma was and whether or not she downgraded to a tropical storm and then froze.

    September 11th

    Nothing else matters.

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