10 Things Every Mom Will Do By The End Of The Week

Women all over this country are living vastly different lives… or are we? More often than not, when I log onto Facebook, I can relate to just about everything that I see on my wall. Whether it’s coming from my dear friend who homeschools her 7 kids in Utah or if it’s my childhood friend who is raising her only child in Manhattan — we are all following the same sort of footprint.

So, I’m making a bet with you right now. By the end of the week, you will be able to mark off these 10 things without even TRYING. Odds are you probably already did and it’s not even Wednesday! Take a look and let me know if these 10 tasks sound all too familiar to your weekly routine:

10 Things Every Mom Will Do By The End Of The Week

1. Attempt to squeeze in a little bit of exercise – even if it’s just chasing after the kids
2. Give your children enough space to let them explore and grow on their own. Even if that means things get a little messy. 

3. At some point, you are going to meet up with your friends. Even if it’s for coffee. Everyone needs to wind down with girlfriends.

4. Odds are, someone is going to cause a confrontation and you will be on your toes ready to defend.

5. Soccer Mom? Lacrosse Mom? Basketball Mom? What are you? Either way – you’ll be on the field rooting for your favorite team.

6. Work. Work. Work. If you aren’t leaving the house to make money, you are contributing by doing everything at home to prevent you from hiring a sitter, cleaner, cook. ETC. Teamwork!

7. Breaking up a fight – is a regular occurrence.

8. While we are at it… getting the team on the same page is your slow jam. You are the leader of the pack and they know it!

9. Your crew would actually starve if you stopped cooking. Or they would overdose on fast food. Wow everyone in the kitchen with one of your amazing creations – daily.

10. Last but not least – Treat yo’ self! This one might be a bit hard to squeeze in and I hope you do. Grab time for a bubble bath. If Oprah can squeeze it in, so can you. Champagne optional but highly recommended.

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