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Update On My eBay Seller’s Life (VIDEO)

I wanted to post a little update on what’s been going on over on eBay. I’ve learned a few great tips over the last week and I did a video to showcase some of them just in case you are in the market for some ideas to better your reseller’s business.

Click here in case you can’t see the above video.

Here are some links to the items I am talking about in the video:

I’m having so much fun on eBay – but I am still figuring out the ropes. These posts are to help me keep track of my lessons learned but to also share anything I come across. Be sure to visit all the posts in the Side Hustle Reselling Category to see my updates.

At this point, I am still selling a little bit of everything – whether it’s items I scored from garage sales, my own closets or hand-me-downs from my mom. My main goal is to finally decide on a few items and buy them in bulk. I’m not quite there yet. I’m walking this eBay journey slowly because I don’t want to make any major mistakes. Time is money considering I have a full-time job!

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