I’ve Earned $34 From EBates Since Last Month. Sign Up Today

You guys! Are you using eBates yet? I hope so! It is so ridiculously easy and I’ve earned $34 since I last posted about it on my blog. I use it without even thinking about it. I click a button while shopping and then – BAM – I earn money. So very simple.

Last night, I was buying bedsheets online from my phone and STOPPED as I was about to finalize the order. I remembered that I didn’t go through eBates! I went over to my app, hit Macy’s, and then just like that – earned $5.86 BACK for NOTHING. For 5 seconds of my time!! Why wouldn’t you do this?

From 6/6 to 6/25 – look what I earned! It’s so ridiculous to shop without it. Honestly! You are spending money online anyway. You are buying bedsheets and supplies for summer, and BBQ grill equipment, and personal skincare items, and… (insert whatever else you buy here) regardless. So, get money back while you do!

Click here to sign up for eBates. You will get  $10 by using that link and I will get a bonus too!

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