My Success So Far On Jenny Craig #JennyCraigSuccess

Thank you, Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post. Tried other diets? It’s time for Jenny Craig!

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People! I’ve lost six pounds on Jenny Craig so far*. It’s been 3 weeks and I am beyond thrilled. I can’t believe how easy this whole process has been. Before starting this campaign, I really didn’t know much about how Jenny Craig worked. After a few days in, I saw how seamless everything was! I mean – from the menu that I follow to the meetings every weekend that keep me accountable – it just all works. And I am beyond thrilled with my success on Jenny Craig and the whole experience!!!

*Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration.

My Success So Far On Jenny Craig

Success on Jenny Craig

My original goal when starting this program was to lose 10 pounds. You know, the last ten pounds. I’ve been LITERALLY carrying this weight for ten years. I don’t know why I waited so long. I don’t know why I wasted so much time complaining about my body without actually doing anything about it. Really, I feel like a new woman because I am someone who is taking back control of my life.

I am so on top of ALMOST everything. My kids are all functioning (shockingly). My marriage is going strong. And my business is thriving. However, when it comes to my health and my fitness routine…I am lacking a sense of commitment. Or I should say I WAS lacking because ever since I started on Jenny Craig, I have noticed small changes I do that are so natural, I’m not even thinking about them anymore. I’m talking about things I am doing outside of the plan.

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Success on Jenny Craig is Easy

For example, I was away for three days at a conference. I wasn’t home and couldn’t bring my meals with me. It was my first test. Would I be able to manage it all? When I walked into the conference room, it was literally filled with my favorite type of pizza, a variety of cheesecake and a bucket of French fries paired with the juiciest cheeseburgers I had ever seen. I. Almost. Died.

I was faced with a real truth. I already ate lunch and there I was – faced with all of this temptation. Prior to Jenny Craig, I would have legitimately eaten again. That’s not even a joke. But I knew I wasn’t actually hungry. I knew that I wanted the food only because it was there. Jenny Craig has taught me to eat consciously. It has taught me to think about everything I am eating and the reasons behind it.

Here’s a real truth. When I first started on the program, I didn’t think it was going to be enough food. I am a two slice of pizza for lunch kind of girl. But it is more than enough! I was making the wrong choices before and being on Jenny Craig has taught me to rethink how I approach food. This is even outside of the menu.

Portion control thanks to Jenny Craig

There are days where I can’t eat everything that is planned for me down to the wire. There are also days where I follow it word for word. I am grateful for both. A shift has occurred and I know that when I reach my goal, I will never go back to mindless eating. That’s not what I want for myself anymore. I know realize that there is another way. I can still have pizza. Of course, I can. But now I have one slice and I enjoy a side salad and a few clementines as well.

I highly suggest you make an appointment with a Jenny Craig consultant today. I love heading in and talking through my upcoming week’s challenges with mine. She helps me figure out how I am going to manage my travel, my meetings, my long days out with the kids. Anything is fair game! She has a solution for it all.

Our success with Jenny Craig

I’m also someone that doesn’t love eggs. There is never a problem to swap out things from my Jenny Craig menu. We do that during our appointments as well. I look at what’s coming up during the week and I tell her what I want and don’t want. It’s so easy to make adjustments and there are no questions asked if you do. Aren’t a “fish and chips” kind of girl? Who cares! There are plenty of other options out there for you!

Be sure to call your local consultant today and see how Jenny Craig can make a difference.

Get Started Today!

Jenny Craig offers three types of programs: As You Go, Premium and Super Premium (available In Center and through Jenny Craig Anywhere). Food costs vary for each member but food starts at $3.69/item, plus the cost of shipping, if applicable. Click here to learn more about their offerings.

*I’ve teamed up with Jenny Craig to talk about their program.

This post was sponsored by Jenny Craig and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own

Thank you Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post.  Tried other diets? It’s time for Jenny Craig

This post was sponsored by Jenny Craig and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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