Marc Fisher LTD Mandal Sneakers: Spring Favorite

Marc Fisher LTD Mandal Sneakers

I’m not much of a sneaker girl. I think you know this! But I bought the Marc Fisher LTD Mandal Sneakers last week and I am in LOVE.

When I want to run errands or meet my husband for lunch, these are THE SHOES! Want to see these shoes in action? Check out this casual look:

Marc Fisher LTD Mandal Sneakers

BOOM! Done. I love the chic feel of these Marc Fisher shoes. And not for nothing, but I get a little height in them as well. 🙂

Triple layers of braided jute provide a tropical platform for a breezy, perforated sneaker cut from soft suede.

Love suede!! 😉 There are actually a few different types of sneakers that offer up this same kind of look.

From left to right: Marc Fisher LTD Macey (black) // Marc Fisher LTD Carrol // Marc Fisher LTD Macey //Marc Fisher LTD Macey (peach) // Marc Fisher LTD Mandal // Marc Fisner LTD Mandi 

Which color do you like best?

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