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I Am A Dream Chaser

I Am A Dream Chaser

I am a dream chaser

a true believer

a star gazer

a memory saver.

I am the wind that creeps through the night searching for the sun and the moon and the end of the Earth.

I won’t stop until I find it… or until it finds me.

I am the morning dew eagerly racing



erasing all mistakes that were made in the past.

I am the howl of the wolf and her cub

both filled up with such love

because together we are unstoppable.

What will I be today?

Who will I be today?

How far will I reach today?

As far as I take me.

Stretch long

Hear my song

It’s here I belong

I’m anything but wrong

My dreams are my own.

And I will find them –

the ones that are within

and the ones that are in the wind

Because I am the dream chaser and

my game is strong.

Hear me in a whisper as I float above the treetops tonight searching for an end to my story.


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