Mevo Camera By Livestream: Gifting Option For The Always Connected @mevocamera


Do you have someone in your life that is constantly connected to social media? Always posting videos, photos and live streaming from wherever he/she may be? Everyone has one in their family. I mean… I AM THAT PERSON IN MINE. LOL! If you are still working on your holiday list, look no further because I found the perfect gift! The Mevo is a multi-camera set up that you can place right in the palm of their hands and it will allow them to record or live stream events of any kind with professional level quality. This is the gift they’ve been waiting for!

Nowadays, everyone wants to step up their recording capabilities. Long gone are the grainy soccer field shots. Oh no! As a mom of three, I see what it’s like on the weekends. Professional grade cameras and set ups to ensure every family’s long-lasting memories are movie-like in quality.

Well, Mevo makes it easy to capture these near-and-dear moments and create real compelling video storytelling by offering easy ways to live edit your shooting to show an array of different camera angles (zoom in on the action, track just your kid, and much more) and share them live with the whole family.


Product Details:

  • Your IPhone is now your personal video editing suite – zoom, pan and cut with ease, all from a single camera and iOS App
  • Stream live to your customers, fans, and friends from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE. Mevo supports Livestream and is the first camera to stream to Facebook Live
  • No rig required. Simple, small and discreet, the Mevo camera and app are all you need to record or stream your live events beautifully
  • 150 degree all glass lens with Sony 4K sensor enabling 720p HD video output for streaming and recording
  • Built in stereo microphones with dedicated DSP, plus the ability to plugin external audio through the iOS device connected to the camera

Don’t you just LOVE the way you can pan into certain focal points of your shoot through the app??? DYING OVER THIS!

I know I’m saying this is the perfect gift for someone else, but you need it too. Let’s be honest. For more information, click here. Please be sure to follow along my social media profiles to watch my Mevo in action in 2017. I can’t wait to see what we are going to do together!!!

*company sent sample for review.

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  1. That sounds so great! This perfect for streaming special events that the entire family can’t make it to. I must have one!

  2. This is too cool! My daughter is crazy over videos for her blog. She’ll love this, for sure.

  3. This is a good brand and has a high quality. Must buy these camera soon.

  4. This is great ideas. I want to have this camera and gift to my kids. I like this,

  5. What a great little gadget! This would be perfect for a blogger or vlogger! *wink wink*

  6. This is so cool! I would love to spend time with it and the app sounds awesome.

  7. how cool is that? I would’ve never knew it even existed if you didn’t share this post, so thank you! I know a couple people who would love this (including myself!)

  8. I need a MEVO camera! I can think of so many times and ways I can use this camera. Thanks for sharing.

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