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Don’t Talk To Me About Diets This Weekend: Thanksgiving Is Off Limits

Like a child waiting for Christmas, I am sitting here counting down the hours until Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, it’s to come together as a family and to celebrate all that is family with the most important people in my life. But it’s also to enjoy one of the best meals of the year… and I’m doing that with stretchy pants on. Believe that!

So, in honor of turkey day, I want to give you a little run down on why nobody better talk to me about a DIET // or carb counting // or HEALTH. BLAH! Today is our day!


Thanksgiving Day is such a great day with family. But, when someone rings that dinner bell… it’s game on.


There’s a custom at my family’s house. Everyone takes a little bit of everything that is passed around the table. Even that random (but delicious) mushroom, string bean, fried onion thing. You know you like it – don’t lie.


What’s on the menu? You name it. It all works. If it fits on my plate. I’m eating it.


No need to worry about judgment because you are sitting in a judge-free zone. Everyone is family … which means they are also going to be fat AF today.


In fact, when you see someone going in hard for the turkey, plan on giving them a nod. Because …


THIS IS OUR TIME! (shout out to the Goonies)


Just remember – don’t pay attention to that young cousin who YOU KNOW IS GOING TO ask someone to pass her the salad. THE SALAD. I mean.. THE SALAD!?


And try to control yourself when the hostess unveils that turkey for the first time. Look away before you embarrass yourself. Close your mouth.


Once your plate is made, you are going to realize that you are an artist. Your concoction is magical. A straight up work of art. I know because I’ve been there.


I mean… the way you are going to pour just the right amount of gravy onto your mashed potatoes… Inspirational.


Taste buds will be on fire!


And isn’t it cute when your aunt always asks if you’d want seconds? I mean…the answer is yes. it is always “yes” on Thanksgiving.


Nothing can ruin this day! Nothing! Not even your crazy fake cousin’s half uncle who drinks too much.


Once you get through the main meal, there will be one thing left to do. Sleep it off like the rest of America and dream of leftovers.


What are you most excited about when you think of Thanksgiving dinner?!

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