A Quick Note About Doctor Strange And Why You Should See It #DoctorStrange


Over the weekend, my family asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday (since it was this week and they knew I was going to be away) and I said that I wanted to go see Doctor Strange with them. Now, if I’m being honest with you, we had a little fight about whether Trolls would win out… but I’m stubborn and won. Hopefully, Natalie will forgive me. 🙂

I am a MARVEL fanatic. I like action and adventure when I pay for a movie ticket. Keep your comedy and sap. Not my cup of tea. Give me a trip of a lifetime. Take me there – my bags are packed!!!

Did I know anything about Doctor Strange? Nothing more than what the trailer offered. I didn’t do any research and I never was much of a comic book reader (except for Archie – does that count??). So, I guess you could I say I went in half blind.


Oh my ever loving GOD. I loved it. I’m very new age. You don’t know that about me because it’s not something I talk about. But give me a chakra sandwich and I will eat that puppy on another astral plane while I center myself and all my inner energy. Yeah – I said it.

Doctor Strange was everything I loved about Marvel + a little bit of new age goodness sprinkled on top. I never knew I wanted to be Doctor Strange. Ever. I always thought I was more of a Wolverine kind of girl. I’m so confused now.

Don’t get it twisted. You aren’t walking into an acupuncture video lesson. My husband and kids did not catch any of the spiritual healing talk. They were too focused on the amazing action and fighting scenes. There is a great story line in this movie. The villains are perfection. The hero starts out a broken man who learns to find himself through a long journey. We all love those stories, right?  So, even if you aren’t very new age and instead are just a Marvel girl who loves a superhero that can take care of business – you still win with Dr. Strange.


PS – the whole family went and Caleb was the only one that wasn’t able to really sit. So, maybe 3 is a bit too young for Dr. Strange. LOL! We just didn’t have a baby sitter – so we took him. He was fine. Just hung out with me the whole time, but it didn’t engage him like maybe Trolls would have which is a cartoon. Get sitters for little little ones.

Here are a few clips to tickle your fancy:

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