8 Easy Ways to Infuse Your Life with Positivity

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8 Easy Ways to Infuse Your Life with Positivity

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Feeling good about yourself starts from within!

The more confident you feel about yourself, the better others can see the true you — a beautiful, happy and strong woman. While the fashion world can get a bad rap, there are a few things you can do to boost your self-esteem that will help you feel as good as you look. And since your personal style is a reflection of your creativity and inner beauty, by treating yourself right on the inside, you’ll be helping your outward appearance, too!

To start, be mindful about what you say and do. Positivity begins in your head and translates to your behaviors and how others perceive you. Follow these simple ways to show yourself some self-love.

8 Easy Ways to Infuse Your Life with Positivity

Flaunt Your Assets


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Find something you really like about yourself and be proud of it. Heck, you can even flaunt it! Maybe it’s your eyes or your toned arms. Whatever is, find a feature of yours that you love and accentuate it. Maybe it means spending time doing your eye makeup in a way that makes your eyes sparkle, or maybe it’s wearing a stylish vest that shows off your arms.

Strike a Power Pose

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Did you know that the way you stand could build your confidence? Power poses can build your self-esteem before and during work meetings, at events or even in front of your mirror at home. Empower yourself by standing in dominant stances, or try this in photos: stand proudly in front of the camera and tilt your hips to the back with one foot forward. Presto: confidence and an elongated figure!

Set a Daily Intention

Do you constantly worry about the way you look or if your thighs are too big? Instead, set a daily intention for yourself. Choose to stop berating your cellulite and find something else to focus on each day. Set an intention worthy of your time. Like, “Today I will find five things I like about my life.”

Compliment Someone Else

Find something positive to say about someone else in your life. Share the things about them that you appreciate, whether it’s your friend’s sense of humor or that cute moto vest your coworker is wearing. When we treat others well, we’re treating ourselves too.

Wear Empowering Clothes


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What makes you feel really good about your body? Is it a sleek blazer? Or a fit-and-flare dress? Choose outfits that make you feel happy and empowered. When we wear clothes that allow us to exude our most confident self, amazing things can happen. We excel in job interviews, we go on amazing dates, we see the world from our most positive perspective and we see ourselves at our best.

Wear a Bold Color or Pattern


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If you look exceptionally good in bright pink, or blue or red – wear it. Bold colors exude confidence on their own, but if it’s also a color you love, you’ll shine even brighter in it. Choose rich colors that bring out your best features — skin, hair or eye color. If prints are more of your thing, choose one that flatters your shape and wear something simple to contrast with it.

Take a Selfie

What better way to feel good about yourself than with a killer selfie? Put on your favorite outfit, set up some good lighting and start snapping away. Even on bad days, you’ll have a constant reminder of how you look when you’re happy and confident.

Be Proud of Who You Are Now


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Sometimes all it takes is a beautiful and comfortable outfit to remind you that you’re beautiful just the way you are now. Appreciate the simple pleasures, like the way a certain outfit makes you feel put together without trying too hard, and the way it hugs you in just the right spots and lets you feel liberated everywhere else! Remember, you’re perfect now as you are and you don’t need to change a thing.

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  1. Amazing blog post. What’s important is that you first have to accept who you are and the rest is history. Never lose hope.

  2. Such a good and inspiring post. I always remember be who you are and love your self

  3. Such great advice and just what i needed to hear. I really do need to get an entire makeover to start feeling and looking confident. Old jeans and t0shirts are just not cutting it.

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