Unbrace Teen Confidence This Back To School Year With Invisalign

I’m an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure.


It’s back to school time for kids across the country which means so many things. It means new beginnings, new schedules, new goals. It also means that tweens and teens are dealing with so many new things for the new upcoming year that their self-confidence drops.

There can be many issues that contribute to not having a ton of self-confidence for teens nowadays, and one of them is teeth that aren’t straight. My friend, Audrey McClelland, wrote up some great information about Invisalign team. You don’t want to miss this information! In fact, I’m thinking about taking my two kids to the dentist to see if they qualify for sets of their own. My tweens are in need of a little attention in the straight teeth department. At least there are so many different options these days besides traditional braces. I remember the first day I put my first set on. Will never forget it!

Unbrace Teen Confidence this Back to School Year!

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