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Hidden Moments Of Clarity

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Totally chaotic. I think those are the two words that would describe my life as of late. I promised myself an easy summer, but it’s been anything BUT. We’re always running around, late, double booked, stressed, over stressed and I KNOW it’s beginning to affect the children.

But then there are small moments in our days where I see this.




And it truly slows me down. It stops time. It makes me remember that I do too much. We all do too damn much. I promised myself a relaxing summer but it’s probably the most chaotic one I’ve had YET. I’m not sure how to fix it, but I do know that I will find time for these simple moments. They reset my core.

That first picture is everything to me because it really just sums it all up. The world spinning so fast I can barely see where I am – and then my three children loving on one other. Everything paused like the Matrix. I saw it. I appreciated it. I absorbed its energy. And then time caught up with us all and we were shoved back into the grind.

After this moment, I took a deep breath and proceeded with my day … but my heart was full. The crazy felt different. It felt manageable. My children are my light.

Thank God I took this photo. Whenever I feel like I can’t handle it all, I’m going to pull it up and remember…

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