An Open Letter To All The Stone Throwers And Hashtag Starters


Put your lighters down.

Let the rage go.

Put your sneakers on and go outside for a walk.

Find a homeless shelter and serve some soup.

Find some humility.

See yourself for who you are and for what you’ve become.

Register that your actions have consequences.

Acknowledge that it doesn’t always have to turn into a banishment.


Return the pitchforks.

Subdue the Kraken.

It’s not about you and your agenda.

It’s actually not about you at all.

That story… the one you read earlier this morning… it doesn’t need you to push it forward.

You are not the torch holder.

You are not the messenger.

You will not change the world with all your negativity.

You are not doing good. But maybe you know that already…

The Internet is not a game. Real people actually exist behind these email addresses and Twitter handles.

Stop trying to trend.

Stop trying to matter.

Stop trying to be seen by people you don’t even know.

Find people in your community and look them in the eyes.

Reach out to your family and matter to them again.

Where are your parents? Your children? Your cousins? Your friends? Go be with them.


Shut off your phone.

Stop refreshing the trends list because of your obsessive need to KNOW.

Stop writing Facebook posts with all the right hashtags and clues in an attempt to be seen by new people.

Remember what really matters… in your actual life. Not your digital one. Your digital life isn’t real. You know that, right?


Leave the judging to the one Judge that matters.

It is not your place. Instead, take your dog out for a walk.

Or read a book.

Or go to the beach – it finally feels like summer, for goodness sake!

How about spending today collecting seashells instead of collecting likes?

How about spending today making memories instead of uploading them?

How about concerning yourself with your own life instead of being so invested in everyone else’s?

Want to know why most of this country is depressed? Because they are too busy watching everyone else live.

Live today.

Be you.

Do you.


Screw them and their drama and that story with that hashtag. Let it go.

Clean your house.

Get a cone of ice cream.

Hit the gym. Or not. Rent a movie. Do that instead.

Do you. 

But the one thing that you shouldn’t do… is throw stones.

We are all so quick to ignite.

To light the fire.

To jump in and shout about how WRONG that person was…

Sometimes mistakes happen.

Sometimes tragedy happens.

Sometimes awful things happen.

Nobody needs the pitchfork mentality anymore. It’s so old.

Everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for the next pin to drop. Who should we ostracize today? Who should we judge today? Who should we ban today?


We are all human.

Remember what that feels like … and then go do that from now on.

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