How To Dress Like Cassie From Star Darlings Plus A Giveaway! #StarDarlings


My daughter is so excited because a new wave of Star Darlings books and toys have reached the market. Yes!! The journey continues!!

Have you heard of Star Darlings yet? I wrote about it a few months ago. Launched in Fall 2015, Disney “Star Darlings” is a stellar original property for tweens that answers the question of where wishes come from, and features a diverse array of star-charmed girls who encourage and help others to fulfill their heartfelt wishes.

Just like real girls, each Star Darling has her own wish that she pursues with full force and determination—and the help of her friends

Since I love fashion and since my daughter loves to let me dress her up, we decided it would be fun to take one of the new characters from the storyline and try to come up with a look that was inspired by her personality.


Let’s talk about who we had to work with. Here’s a synopsis of the 4 new books that were released:


Starf! The day Cassie has been dreading since she first arrived at Starling Academy is here. She has been chosen to make the journey to Wishworld for the next Wish Mission. Lady Stella, the headmistress, assures her she’s going to do a starmendous job.

Cassie is so sensitive and perceptive she’ll be a natural! But her mission is even harder than she feared. Everything just seems all wrong. And there’s no help in sight. Could Cassie be the first Star Darling who simply can’t make her Wisher’s wish come true?


Mysterious things continue to happen on Starland every day as the girls wait to see who will go on the next Wish Mission. Piper has a dream that she will be the one and indeed she is. Piper has a lot to learn when she finds herself working at a diner.

Confident that she’s identified her Wisher’s wish, Piper enjoys her time on Wishworld. But as her Countdown Clock ticks away can she dismiss her earlier assumptions and discover the true wish?



Life on Starland is anything but normal these days. The Star Darlings continue to experience mysterious phenomena while trying to focus on their studies and maintain their cover.

Stat athlete Astra is chosen for the next Wish Mission. Her overconfident nature leads her to quick conclusions about her Wisher’s true wish. Can Astra put aside her own interests and assumptions and help Emma before time runs out?


As more and more disturbing things happen on Starland, the Star Darlings try to unravel clues to what’s going on. One theory is that Lady Stella herself is behind all the trouble.

Tessa is selected to travel to Wishworld where she finds herself in a spot that’s perfect for her—an animal shelter. When a terrible storm hits, Tessa and her Wisher, Lizzie, must work together to take care of the helpless animals in the shelter, while Tessa tries to discover Lizzie-s real wish and help grant it before time runs out.




After reading through our options, we decided to replicate Cassie’s style. She loves the color pink, has an affection for all things flirty, laced and detailed and loves a good accessory.

Tweens can easily replicate this look by choosing a white lace skirt (like this one from the Children’s Place), a pink sparkly cardigan (like this one from Target), fringe boots to add a little flare (like these from Target), a cosmetic bag that can act as a clutch (like this one from Justice) and a beautiful necklace (similar to this one from Charming Charlie).

Want a close up of the accessories? No problem! Here you go –>





If you are keeping score, you have so many great reads to catch up on with your daughter. Here’s the complete list of available books:

Star Darlings Book Series:

  • A Wisher’s Guide to Starland
  • Book 1: Sage and the Journey to Wishworld
  • Book 2: Libby and the Class Election
  • Book 3: Leona’s Unlucky Mission
  • Book 4: Scarlet Discovers True Strength
  • Book 5: Vega and the Fashion Disaster
  • Book 6: Cassie Comes Through
  • Book 7: Piper’s Perfect Dream
  • Book 8: Astra’s Mixed-Up Mission
  • Book 9: Tessa’s Lost & Found


And now, it’s time for a giveaway!

One (1) winner will receive:

  • Star Darlings Collection Volume 1 (includes Books #1-3)
  • Star Darlings Books #4-9
  • Star Darlings Wish Board;
  • plus a set of five (5) Star Darlings 10.5” dolls!

Giveaway open to US addresses only.

Star Darlings Prize Pack

Prizing and samples provided by Disney Press.

ARV $205

*this is a sponsored post

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