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Highlights for Children Delivers Fun with a Purpose™ With New Highlights Every Day App (plus giveaway) #HighlightsEveryDay

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Who didn’t love reading Highlights magazine? I’m pretty sure that, literally, everyone I knew read it and loved it. It was truly a staple of my childhood, creating many fond memories.

Well, guess what? I have some awesome news!!! Highlights for Children, Inc., publisher of the most-read children’s magazine, announced its new interactive mobile experience, Highlights Every Day. In today’s crowded digital landscape, Highlights Every Day offers the screen time kids crave, backed by the quality content parents have always trusted and expected from Highlights.

Created in partnership with Fingerprint, Highlights Every Day features classic Highlights “Fun with a Purpose” reimagined for growing digital consumption habits of children. With kids’ screen time averaging more than four hours a day, parents are increasingly concerned about what their kids are doing with their devices.

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Highlights Every Day delivers high-quality content that’s both fascinating to kids and trusted by their parents. This content includes original videos and quizzes, engaging fiction and non-fiction, and fun puzzles that build skills and stretch young minds. Included, of course, is the iconic Hidden Pictures puzzle popularized by Highlights.


Each day, the child is presented with a wrapped gift. When clicked upon, the gift releases up to five new pieces of content—a delightful mix of activities to read, watch, and do.  The more kids use the app, the more activities they will accumulate. They can scroll through their collection, personalizing their experience by saving their favorites and consuming expertly crafted content that inspires them, in the Highlights tradition, to become their best selves—creative, curious, caring, and confident.

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Highlights for Children reimagined as an all new digital experience! It’s neither a digital replica nor a replacement for the much-loved print publication. It’s completely new, super easy to navigate and understand, and really perfect…for you and your kids!

Kids 6-12 can learn about the world around them, solve puzzles, enjoy jokes told by Highlights kids, take fun quizzes and enjoy stories. There are hundreds of fun facts, puzzles, jokes, quizzes, videos, stories and more with a new issue delivered EVERY DAY! Check out some of the awesome:

  • Exclusive videos, including joke reels, animated learning clips and Ask HighlightsKids shorts
  • Engaging stories, poems and reading activities
  • Skill-building Hidden Pictures® puzzles, mazes, word clues and more
  • Fascinating interactive quizzes
  • Hundreds of activities — there’s always something new to play

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This is so great. It’s classic Highlights fun reimagined in a brand-new way for today’s digital native and their millennial parents. Seriously. I just love, love, love this app…and, thankfully, so do my kids!! You just can’t beat it.

Highlights Every Day is available now via iTunes and Google Play, with a thirty-day free trial!! Monthly subscription after the trial ends is only $7.99/month (or just 23¢ per day for 5 new daily activities!).

Highlights giveaway

Ok, so you must be ready to give this fantastically fun app a try? I know, Highlights for Children was always  a favorite for me, too. Well…one (1) lucky reader will receive a gift bag of reading and puzzle fun from Highlights (value=$50)!!!

Highlights Every Day Gift Bag

For more information onHighlights for Children’s digital offerings, check out other Highlights apps or visit:

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. This magazine has been around for so long, I remember getting it as a kid!! Its nice to know that they aren’t fading out but rather adapting to the times!! Love it!

  2. I use to get these all the time when I was younger. I can’t believe they’re still around! I need to check them out for my girls. I loved them when I was younger.

  3. I am excited about this app, I didn’t read as a kid, but my older two and younger two now read it

  4. Oh I loved Highlights growing up! My favorite was the pictures where you got to find things hidden in them! I cannot wait to share with our little one!

  5. I used to read Highlights with both of my children who are now 23 and 14, so it has been around for awhile. I’d love my 2 grandsons to be able to check out Highlights, and I am glad they now have an app.

  6. I read Highlights as a kid. Loved it. Read one to my son at his dr appt. He loved looking and find things just as much as I did.

  7. I loved reading Highlights when I was younger. I am very excited about the app!

  8. Yes, I loved reading Highlights when I was as a kid. I especially liked finding all the little images in the larger drawing that they would have in every issue. It’s awesome that they have an app now. I was unaware that they did until I read this! 🙂

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