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An Update On My Half Marathon Training

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In case no one told you this before, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. training for a half marathon is hard. I’m freaking struggling. No joke.

I luckily found a running partner in town who is just getting started like me and we are hitting the pavement together. But MAN – it’s a rough ride. I can barely breathe. I don’t have asthma… but I do have a pump because sometimes my allergies can really restrict my breathing. I’ve been using the pump before or after runs lately just to open up those pipes. I’m dying! I’m also about ready to put on a BreatheRight strip to help me get more oxygen in my nose. I’m desperate and don’t care what I look like!!!

So, before each run I take an allergy pill because we are dead smack in the middle of Spring, two asthma pumps and throw up a prayer to Jesus. That’s what I look like right now.

And you know how far I can get? 1.7 miles.

That’s my MAX.

I have to go 13 mother f****** miles. Who set that length by the way? Because that person is crazy? It’s ok. 6 months and counting. I still feel good about the whole thing. It’s a challenge and I love a good challenge. I just have to work on my breathing. I am truly 100% out of shape. Just writing this is getting me winded. Just thinking about that run is getting me anxious. UGH

One step at a time. That’s the game plan.

We are running a 13 min mile right now – and that’s giving it our ALLLLLL. That’s like REALLY PUSHING IT. LOL! It’s so funny to even write that because I know that it’s so slow. But all the true runners I am blessed to know tell me not to worry about time in the beginning. It’s really about consistency. I have to keep getting out there. I have to make it part of my life and I have to focus on staying out longer. NOT TIME. It’s just so hard not to track the clock when I know I have to be under 16 minutes per miles to finish the half.

Again, that’s a long time away.

So, how am I doing? I’m swimming. Slowly. But I’m wet. And that’s all that matters today. 🙂


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