14 Red Flags Married Couples Receive When Trying To Find Time For Romance

Couples who have been married for more than ten years and who have more than one child –> this one is for you. It doesn’t happen all the time… but I know this scenario will feel ALL TOO FAMILIAR to some of you.

14 Red Flags Married Couples Receive When Trying To Find Time For Romance


When you try to spice things up but you already have a pretty active imagination – so you hit a wall.


So, you start things off the traditional way – with a romantic meal, but all you can think of is getting those potatoes off his plate.


After dinner, you grab a quiet moment… but then you remember that fight that you never quite finished up.


After a few hours of disagreeing, you two decide to let it go. But your husband then remembers that the game is on. If he turns the TV on now, he can catch the last few minutes.


You’re still trying to keep the mood going, so you stay put and pretend to get into the show.


But caring about what he cares about is SO HARD.


That’s when your man notices you’re sleeping. He then proceeds to blame you for all the times romance has been lost.


But he still wants to get lucky, so he starts to get creative to get your attention back.


But at this point… it’s sooooo late.


However, tonight IS THE NIGHT. So, you snap out of it and give it a go.


Both of you make your way to the bedroom.


And your children hear some sound which wakes them right up.


Guess where they end up? You know the answer before you even read it – in your bed.


And there’s the end of that.


That’s ok. Only 8 more years until they all head to college.

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