13 Stages You Experience Using The Starbucks Mobile App @starbucks

You know I am a Starbucks fanatic. I use the mobile app at least once a day, but I have to admit that sometimes it gives me a bit of stress and anxiety while I am in the store. No, it’s not because it’s hard to use. Quite the opposite in fact! The Starbucks app makes ordering my staple drink a BREEZE. It’s… something else.

Let me explain all my emotions using gifs and mime movement only.

13 Stages You Experience Using The Starbucks Mobile App


You feel like a boss because you know that by using the Starbucks App you are totally avoiding waiting on line.


And after you place your order, you can even relax a minute before heading into the store to pick it up. Life is good.


Once you walk in and see a 6 person line, you have a mini celebration in your mind. You win. Y-O-U W-I-N.


But when you walk up to the counter to wait for your drink, everyone around you is confused. You didn’t wait in line. How could you possibly be standing with them? You. Don’t. Belong.


So, you try to avoid everyone’s attention and instead just wait and listen for your name. But MAN it’s hard. They stare and it feels like FIRE.


Even with you paying them no mind… it doesn’t stop the inquisition. People start to ask you why you are standing with them when you haven’t ordered yet. They don’t think that you’ve ever been to a Starbucks before in your life. They try to teach you that you have to “order” first and “pay” for your drink before you can “pick it up” here with the rest of the paying customers.




You used the app because you wanted to sneak in and out of Starbucks and not really talk to anyone. You used the app because you wanted to quietly grab your drink and go.


And now you find yourself teaching others about the magic of the Starbucks app daily which completely destructs your stealth mode capabilities.


But then your name is called and your drink is up.


And you grab it with a feeling of such joy because it is done PERFECTLY and they FINALLY spelled your name right! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!


The doubters around you cannot BELIEVE what just happened! You weren’t lying! You DID ORDER A DRINK.


And you walk the hell out of there knowing what’s up.

Thanks to Barbara for making me write this!

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